Paulson, Peters Return For More ‘American Horror Story’

By January 16, 2017

Not a lot is known about what we’ll expect in the next season of FX’s American Horror Story. But one thing is for sure – two actors who have been a part of the series since the beginning will be back for more.

Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters will indeed return, making them the first two officially connected to the future of the franchise, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The two first joined American Horror Story when that was just the title (although it’s later been named Murder House) where Peters played mass killer (and ghost) Tate Langdon while Paulson had a bit of a smaller role as Billie Dean Howard – a character she resurrected in American Horror Story: Hotel a year ago.

Paulson has six Emmy nominations to her credit – four of them from American Horror Story. However, she got her first win lat year thanks to another anthology series produced by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, where she played real life prosecutor Marcia Clark in American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson.

American Horror Story: Roanoke required Paulson to play the most characters yet. She started out playing Shelby Miller, a version of another character, on the show-within-the-show, before shifting to actress Audrey Tindall, and then finally morphing into her character from American Horror Story: Asylum, Lana Winters.

Peters also had to practice his acting chops in Roanoke by first playing Edward Phillipe Mott before shifting to the actor Rory Monahan.

In fact, both Tindall and Monhana were romantically involved in Roanoke, marking the first time those two actors had a chance to play a romantic couple in the series.

So what do we know about the upcoming season of American Horror Story? Only that we can expect to see it in the fall on FX.

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