Personal Return to Comics: Avengers vs X-Men

By June 21, 2012

This is less a review of Avengers vs X-Men than a perspective of a life-long geek who has been on the periphery of comics and thought it was about time to give them a real try. My cousins were huge comic book fans. I remember the expanse of walls cover with old Tide detergent boxes filled with comics. I got a few comics of my own—I tended to like origin stories the best—but I never really got into comics. Not that I’m completely ignorant of the comic and superhero world, I just never collected and read comics.

Avengers vs X-Men #0 ©Marvel

I read a lot of Steven King. I read a lot of science fiction—though always wanted to read more. I kept an ear out for comic related stuff (movies, shows, etc), but still, never read them. Now that I’m helping with the social media for Wizard World, I figured it was about time I started looking at comics again.

This foray into reading comics is helped by the fact that I have an iPad and I did install the Marvel Comics app pretty much in my first month of owning my 1st Gen iPad two years ago. Back then I knew that tablets and comics were going to be a match made in (geek) heaven. Given the motivation of feeling cooler at a Comic Con, I updated my Marvel app, recovered my password for my account (lo and behold I had already had about 10 comics in my account from free issues and such), and decided to pick up Avengers vs X-Men to be my re-connection with comics.

Like the other digital comics I read when I first got my iPad, the three issues I bought and read (#0, #1, and #2) are beautiful to read. I love the tap to shift panels mode instead of the more “traditional” page turning mode. Moving panel to panel almost makes it seem like you’re watching an animation come to life. Since I’m reading the comics through the official Marvel app, and on a 3rd gen iPad, the comics are all in HD…which ads to the reading pleasure tremendously.

My Avengers vs X-Men Issues ©Marvel

The art pops off the screen, the text is crisp, the panels slide with a subtlety that is lovely to watch.

Coming in from space ©Marvel

As far as the story goes for Avengers vs X-Man, it’s pretty good. I get the premise, though I think since I haven’t been reading comics for all these years there is certainly some backstory that I’m missing (wait mutants are nearly extinct! what!?!). And as much as I really liked the comic, I think I’m going to stick with novels (digital, of course). I just finished Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and started American Gods, so I’m set for reading (not to mention I have Reamde waiting in the wings).

Still, I gave comics an honest try but at least now when I go to Chicago Comic Con I’ll be able to converse with Daniel Acuña and J. Scott Campbell with some degree of intelligence and respect for their art.

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