‘Pete’s Dragon’ Trailer Reveals More From Disney’s Latest Live-Action Adaptation

By June 14, 2016

Following the incredibly vague first teaser trailer a few months ago, and coming off the successful release of The Jungle Book in April, Disney has released a brand new trailer for their upcoming live-action reimagining of Pete’s Dragon, starring Robert Redford, Bryce Dallas Howard, Karl Urban, and more. If you weren’t already excited for the movie as well, then I imagine you probably will be after you watch this.

Giving more insight into both the story, visuals, and characters of the new film, the latest trailer is a notable improvement over the teaser, and makes it look like the kind of magical, childlike movie reminiscent of the films made by Steven Spielberg in the 1980s.

Check out the new trailer below:

David Lowery’s unique visual style and stamp from some of his previous projects seems to have carried over well here, and the flight sequences alone seem reminiscent of the kind of blood-pumping scenes from the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. The fact that the effects of Elliot the dragon are so damn good (courtesy of the artists over at WETA Digital) as well, make it seem like Pete’s Dragon may be yet another solid live-action adaptation from the studio.

Pete’s Dragon is set to hit theatres on August 12th.

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