Pixar Releases First Teaser Trailer For Next Year’s ‘Finding Dory’

By November 10, 2015

After a couple of so-so releases over the last few years, it seems that Pixar has gotten their groove back. With the successful release of this summer’s Inside Out and what looks to be a pretty great film with the release of The Good Dinosaur later this month, the studio seems to be back on track when it comes to the quality of their films. Which is a great thing, because when done right, there’s nothing more special than a Pixar film.

As the release of The Good Dinosaur approaches, the studio is looking ahead to next year’s release, which just happens to be a sequel to one of their most beloved films, Finding Nemo. Finding Dory, the tale of forgetful blue tang Dory on her quest to find answers about her past and her family is probably a lot of people’s most anticipated film of next year. The studio released the first teaser for the film this morning, which you can check out here:

I’ve got to say, I absolutely love this trailer. It’s just enough of a tease to get you excited, without really giving anything away. It’s great to see these characters again, because they really are favorites. Finding Nemo is one of those films that I always forget how much I love until I watch it again. It’s charming and heartfelt and since the same team is behind this sequel, I expect the same type of movie magic this time around.

Finding Dory is set for release on June 17, 2016.

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