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Far, Far Away

Hosts Alex Welch and Ryan Bailey talk about all things Star Wars. From discussions about the original trilogy to the latest rumors about upcoming films in the franchise and everything between, this is a must-listen for Star Wars fans. May the Force be with you!

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A new episode of Far, Far Away airs every Wednesday at 6am PST.


  • Brian R. Keathley

    Couldn’t be happier for this starting up! Thanks guys!

    • Tiffany Smith

      right there with ya! haha

  • Clare Kramer

    Yeah! You guys are amazing. Everybody needs to listen – NOW! xo

    • Michael D Johnston

      Hi! Is this really Clare? I can’t believe you come on here and comment. That’s awesome!…Assuming it IS you, of course. lol

    • Tiffany Smith

      Be smart to do what she says! hehe 😉 xx

    • jessie 619

      Don’t mess with Glory. great podcast as all ways.

  • Bobbi Sue

    Thank you thank you thank you Geek Nation for creating this! #FinallyaStarWarsPodcast When is the next episdoe?!

    • Kristian Harloff

      It is up now!

    • Tiffany Smith

      New eps are up every Thursday!!!

  • Richard R Moore

    Most excellent!

    • Timothy W Williams


    • Tiffany Smith

      So excited to be doing this!

  • Timothy W Williams

    Great job! One of my favorite new podcasts!

    • Tiffany Smith

      woohoo thanks for the support!

  • Christopher D Wellborn

    This could be my favorite new podcast. 🙂

    • Michael D Johnston

      Ha, I basically just said the same thing! This is great!

    • Tiffany Smith

      Woohoo!!! So flattered! Thank you!

  • Katie C Schwartz

    This is fantastic! Great idea, great concept and great guests.

  • Matt A Banker

    Loving this already! Do you know who future quests are going to be??? It will be fun to see a bit of a mash-up of traditional guests and expanded guests. This is awesome! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • Tiffany Smith

      working on a goooooood mix of great guests! If you have suggestions always sent em our way!

  • Susan P Graham

    Okay, seriously. Pretty much in heaven about this. once a week I have to go get cancer treatment and this is what I will be listening to. So happy about this! Thanks to all involved!

    • Tiffany Smith

      Oh my gosh! So happy to help & be a distraction for you! Sending you the Force along with prayers for a speedy recovery and treatment your way!

  • Carla B Fultz


  • Mark Laithwaite

    Since the early episodes of the Schmoes Know podcast about Star Wars Episodes I-VI were some of my favourites, this podcast comes as a pleasant surprise. I look forward to all the Episode VII news and general Star Wars discussion.

    • Michael D Johnston

      That makes all of us!

    • Tiffany Smith

      happy to be of service!

  • Michael D Johnston

    My new favorite podcast! This is GREAT and is only gonna get better, as new Star Wars movies and shows are released. Thanks guys!

    • Tiffany Smith

      thanks so much for checking out Far Far Away! Happy you’re digging the podcast!

  • NTE Parkes

    Great podcast wondered what you guys thought about the idea of having flashbacks in episode 7 or should star wars movies always stay in the moment?.

    • Kristian Harloff

      I wouldn’t mind flashbacks. 30 years of missing stuff. I am ok with that but I want KORRIBAN back!

    • Tiffany Smith

      if they do it well 😉 hehe

  • Aaron Keigher

    Y’all kept saying that Disney owns Netflix but as far as I can tell this isn’t true. They did pen a deal together to distribute some Marvel, and possibly other, properties but as far as I can tell Netflix is not an arm of the Disney corporation.

  • KilroyMcFadden

    At last! A SW podcast not run by PT gushers! Puh-leeeeeeease make a deal with and get this show on Stitcher as soon as possible.

  • Lance Goolsby

    Love the podcast, I am listening from Germany weekly (I am American though), while at work, and am translating all the news to my co-workers, who are almost as geeky as I. Keep up the great work, and wonderful discussions. I will continue to spread the Far Far Away word.

  • Ian Stewart

    Greatest podcast ever! I love the cast, all the amazing guest stars! I listen to old casts over and over again! I can’t say that about any other podcasts.

  • Chris Pk421

    Where can I find myself a girl like Tiffany Smith? seriously…

  • Azreal Van Dyke

    The bf and I love your show but could you PLEASE adjust Tiffany’s mic levels so it’s not so blaring when she laughs? Just a suggestion… NOT a criticism of her!

  • tsteele3rt

    Love the show and all the speculation! Here’s some crazy speculation.
    What if they are ultimately recasting everyone. I mean in a “rebooting” sense.
    Use the original actors in “flash forward” scenes to really sell us on the younger, recast characters. Then “bam” go forward with a “rebooted” Star Wars.
    I like the possibility of picking up where they left off in Episode VI better than the 30 years later story. And isn’t this closer to how JJ “reboot” Star Trek? Same characters, new actors!

  • Gabriel Walsh

    Fantastic podcast, Keep it going!, it’s always good to discuss Star Wars! Know that you guys have a good deal of star wars fans listening to you here in Bras(z)il! LOL! You guys are awesome!

  • Mf

    Leia! Leia! Leia! Give her a standalone movie. I’d love to see that. She and Hans like those buddie movies. Make it.

  • Bryan Yetman

    Love the Podcast. Was wondering if you guys would be up for reviewing each Star Wars movie (like FatMan on Batman does with Batman and James Bonding does for James Band movies)? I think it would be hilarious and be informative for people like me, who love Star Wars but don’t know them in depth as much as both of you!!!! Keep being awesome!!!

  • tripwilliams

    Where’s the new episode? I need my Far, Far, Away fix.

  • Gareth Lewis

    So………….is this podcast over?. No Tiffany Smith, no guests, not uploaded on the right day plus Kristian has AMC Jedi Council now. This would be a killer blow for me as I have really enjoyed this podcast, so I am hoping its just a short hiatus.

    • No worries, Gareth. They followed TV format and skipped this week for Memorial Day. They’ll be back up and on schedule for next week. Cheers!

  • Karl E. Ludwig

    Tiffany is way hotter than she sounds. Kristian … as expected.

  • Matt Leach
  • Kevin Kelly

    First of all, LOVE the show! It’s amazing. One comment, you guys keep discussing the Bobba Fett movie and cannon. (Things with is it the clone or not, Ect) Here’s the deal, if clone wars is considered cannon, then Bobba Fett is the clone. They refer to him by name in episode 6, and you get some of his backstory in clone wars. Please keep this podcast going, it’s AWESOME!

  • justinnnnnnn

    Where is the podcast

  • Kev Cain

    Found you a month ago, out of the many SW shows I listen to, this is the best. I love the format, fast moving, positive, funny.
    Thank you for a great show.

  • tristan glover

    In this week’s podcasts one of your guests said that when Han Solo says “Than I’ll see you in hell!” It is the only reference to a religion. I brought this up with one of my teachers, we hold a Star Wars club in his class after school, and he schooled me. He said in New Hope, while Luke is training on the falcon, Han Solo says “Hokie religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster.” Blew my mind, so there could be people that practice similar religions to christianity in the Star Wars universe. Love the show. Thank you guys.

  • David Geeves

    I can honestly say that this is my favorite podcast ever next to AMC movie talk who only wins by a tiny margin based on the fact that it’s a daily show… NOW IF THIS WAS DAILY! 😉

    Awesome podcast! I agree with Kristian about an Old Republic movie but I wouldn’t go for Darth Plagus I’d go for Revan… I think it’s a better overall story and character.

    • Thanks, David! We sure appreciate you listening!

  • Jax_Knife

    What happened to the podcast? Its been two weeks since the last one.

  • Ryan

    DITTO!?!?!?!? WHAT THE HECK. I need my Star Wars fix! Where is the show?

  • Justin Woodward

    Please, for the love, somebody open the blast doors!!!

  • NichkhunHorvejkul

    I love the podcast. I hope we get a new one soon.

  • Geoffrey German

    Love the show, but where is this week’s episode? Thought it might be late because of Comic Con 2014 possibly.

  • Jason McAtee

    I have to admit, after watching the entirety of the clone wars tv series, and then seeing guardians of the galaxy, I was blown away at how much better the prequels really are. I’d almost say they were ahead of their time. I’d love to see Tiffany and Kristian go back and watch these fresh and give us a new review.

  • Ryan

    DARTH PLAGUEIS!! Just finished the book, great read! Tiff, join the Dark Side and read it, you’ll love it!

  • Jason A

    Star wars.com can out with another interesting Top ten of Star wars Monsters. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=840832952634974&set=vb.169299103121699&type=2&theater

    Keep up the great work! Open the blast doors!

  • Eric

    From: http://www.nydailynews.com/blogs/pageviews/review-star-wars-tarkin-brings-empire-dark-heart-blog-entry-1.1997843

    “Interestingly, Luceno makes subtle references to his aforementioned “Dark Lord” and “Darth Plagueis” novels. These suggest that the events of those novels (or some approximation of those events) are still a part of the rebooted “Star Wars” canon, in addition to creating some nice Easter eggs for longtime readers.”

  • Sergio

    Is it Tuesday morning yet????

  • Milton Ollie Webber

    Love the podcast, I listen to you guys every week. You guys are very entertaining and fun to listen to, but I do have one issue and that’s with your daily rants about the prequels. I really enjoy you and your starwars knowledge but I do get annoyed with you whenever you rant about your hate or disgust for the prequels. We all get it, there are some problems within those films, but they are Star Wars. As fans we must be objective and give our thoughts and opinions (good or bad) but to bash them completely and say they aren’t “Star Wars” is ridculous and irresponsible. Enough is enough, your beating a dead horse. I’m all about being honest and sharing different opinions and I clearly understand your issues with the prequels. To be honest, I hate Jar Jar too lol but please simmer down a bit with the hate. No matter what we say or do, the prequels will always exist in time and in film. I would love to hear what you have to say on the matter. Keep up the good work guys and Tiffany, Darth Plagues is awesome (Had to mention it)

    • Roman Fuentes

      I agree, Kristian is a great guy to listen to when it comes to star wars but he just can’t say anything nice about the prequels and I don’t think Tiff has seen them more than once.

      Maybe an episode focused on the prequels (the good stuff) would bring balance to the force.

  • Langley Neely

    Love this duo and love this podcast! I have a theory about Force Awakens that might fit in with Kristians theory that Han & Leia will be separated in the film: I think Daisy Ridley IS playing their daughter, but she is clueless about her parentage and grew up a homeless orphan on Tatooine scavenging for survival & building stuff like her grandfather and uncle. I think some point after her birth Han & Leia thought she was killed when she was merely abducted (by Max Von Sydow??) which results in the couple never being able to connect again and they go their separate ways. Han & Chewie to the refit Star Destroyer they now live on. I came up with this based on stuff I’ve learned from listening to this podcast, and other rumors. Plus it’s just like JJ Abrams & his mystery box to take something everyone expects (the Solo kids in the EU/Legacy stuff) and turn it on its ear making a big secret and reveal out of it! Plus it echoes what happened to Luke & Leia at their birth. I could be totally out to lunch on this one, but I would love to know your thoughts on this? Am I crazy?

  • nahuel

    you guys have to see this and chat about it, seriuosly

  • Rafael Dalcero

    Will there be a new episode of far far away today?

  • Will Cox

    I have a question regarding the Sabine rumor in the first spinoff. I could be wrong but dosn’t Sabine look asian? Unless they do some Cloud Atlas makeup I think it’s unlikely Felicity Jones will be Sabine. Let me know your opinion.

  • Chad Prachar

    Quick Question: One of my favorite Characters from the books is Mara Jade. I have looked online for the answer to this question and just can’t find it. Is Mara Canon??

    • Mitch Rawlinson

      no she is not in clone wars or the 6 movies or rebels and hasnt been in any of the comics or books release after the disney buy out so she is not canon because all those thing are canon and she is not in them

  • Mf


    #dancingstormtroopers #Vader & Julie Andrews mentions john Williams great starwars theme. It’s an starwars Oscar hat trick!

  • Aidan Cross

    Best Podcast by far. Always insightful, funny and never mean spirited. I love hearing other people just sit down and talk Star Wars, it makes me feel like I’m part of the conversation. LOVE IT!

  • Sebastian Rottke

    Just stumbled upon this podcast last week. I love it.

  • SQLGuru

    Are the podcast feed XML links listed anywhere? My favorite podcast app doesn’t have Far, Far Away in its database, but I can add links via URL. Luckily, I have a second favorite podcast app that has Far, Far Away in their database……

  • Joseph Campbell

    I’m still hoping this becomes a video podcast one day.

  • Tobias Kuhn

    Tiff, just listen to episode 54 with Maude. You two are hilarious. I love it so much.

    • They are definitely hilarious! Thanks for supporting the show, Tobias!

  • Douglas Logsdon

    Question: Kristian and Tiffany have done reviews on New Dawn and Tarkin, but I don’t remember them doing one on Heir to the Jedi. Will they be doing one? I know it doesn’t have much to do with Sith so Kristian may struggle with this book 🙂 but I thought it brought some very interesting insights to the losses both Luke and Leia suffered. Just wondering.

  • ThomasMoneyhon

    http://www.gosphero.com/starwars/ The Sphero toy company made BB8. Its motors in the bottom to drive the ball (motors grip the inside of the ball). The head is magneted on with some limited movement via a motor.Presumably you can leave your email to buy BB8 later this year. Here is a video of a fan making a BB8 from his sphero https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yu6x9sJCGfo

    • It was really cool seeing it at Celebration – When they talk about a company whose only responsibility was to create this technology, you realize how ginormous the SW Universe really is. Amazing!

  • Delilah Jones

    Really excited to hear what Brendan and Tiffany have to say! Love this podcast!

    • I think you mean John and Tiffany. But yes, glad you’re excited!

  • Thomas Kelly

    This has been my fav podcast for ages now, keep up the good work guys we all REALLY appreciate what you do!! 🙂

  • CurseofZodLovesMaude

    Tire of the trolls and morons- join this group! We do not suck!

  • tgilly

    Love the show! Just thought you both should know Domnhall Gleeson’s name is pronounced Dough-nal as in doughnut not Donal. Keep up the good work

  • MattJSour

    Really enjoying this podcast. Tiffany and John Rocha have a great chemistry together.

  • Phil

    I love this podcast….. I just want more of star wars talk and speculation. I watch collider/amc jedi council. I need something great to start my week off then I have far far away, then I need something to fill my wed. Jedi council on Thurs. I need something Star Wars on friday. Any suggestions for the three days I need?

  • Steve Mann

    Absolutely Love the show! My goto for StarWars Info. GeekNation needs to fix their website for you though. If you go to shows it still say you are “coming soon”. Also it is 115pm EST (1015am PST) still don’t see episode 84 when i press listen now it takes me to episode 78? Come on GeekNation!!!!

    • The “Coming Soon” is for the video page (you were on the wrong show page). Based on hosts schedules, we’re moving to Tuesday at 2pm. The carousels are being worked on and tweaked for other changes we’re making – They should be back to normal in no time.

  • Chris Whitehead

    My favourite podcast but they need to update the photo on this page. It’s not Tiff and Kristian anymore.

    • What are you saying needs to be updated?

      • Chris Whitehead

        The picture of Tiffany and Kristian. He left ages ago. The picture should be of Tiffany, John and I guess Mark Riley now too.

        • Kristian still appears on the show from time to time and we left it up because he was one of the original hosts and producers of the show – It’s just a respect thing. We just added Mark as a full time host and we’re in the process of adding his name to the placeholder and will most likely replace the picture once we have a good shot of the three.

          • Chris Whitehead

            Sounds good to me. Thanks for replying.

          • No sweat. Enjoy the show!

          • Midnight Critter Talk

            Bullshit you guys are just lazy to update the site. You don’t even upload the shows on the specified time.

          • Midnight, I’ll ignore the rage, insult and name calling and respond to you one time: It’s very easy for us to upload all shows on time. We have multiple podcasts with weekly schedules and almost all of them go up at their scheduled day and time; The only episodes that are posted at a nonscheduled time is when our hosts have scheduling conflicts that force them to either start late or switch days.

          • Midnight Critter Talk

            No rage just a fact. Guess I struck a nerve. Maybe you should take down ” a new episode of far far away airs every Tuesday 10 am PST” Those are your words not mine. Don’t get mad at me for commenting on it. Maybe you should add unless we’re busy I mean unless we have “scheduling conflicts” disclaimer lol You sure do have a lot of them. Like every week! #unprofessionalism

  • Gary Banach

    Rocha…dropping an F bomb leads to the dark side….goooood….goooood.

  • Johnny Fanfic

    Um… didn’t Palpatine kill Plagueis in his sleep?

    • That’s his story. But the whole speculation point is Plagueis can use the force to cheat death. So even though Palpatine said he killed him in his sleep (maybe he’s lying to manipulate Anakin) Plagueis could have survived using the force.

  • Steve Titcomb

    Hey guys,

    First off, let me say that I had a nice email written when my phone started acting wonky and I somehow lost it. So I will be trying to remember what I wrote as I go along.

    Okay, you’ll be glad to know that you guys have become one of my go to podcasts and make working out at the gym go by much quicker.

    I loved the movie. I loved the humor and the action and while I wish they didn’t gloss over the heavy emotions as much as they did, I loved it all. I’m in love with Rey and just can’t say enough good things about Daisy Ridley and how she portrayed Rey. Speaking of her, isn’t it curious how she was already well trained with a melee weapon? Perhaps in the 5 years she actually spent with her parents or ‘parental figures’ she was trained? That could be because she might be Luke’s daughter or do you think she is self taught? That’s why I really have no problem with her being able to beat Kylo Ren once she taps into the force as that just enhance her training.

    I am greatly intrigued to watch her story progress and at the same time I am impatiently waiting to learn more about Snoke and he was able to manipulate or at least help along Ben Solo’s journey to the dark side. Was he a mole? Or could he have been someone the rebellion missed in the clean up and joined to study under Luke’s new Jedi order? So much potential for awesome story telling.

    I like the idea that she is Luke’s daughter and while I have had this thought myself, I head today on Full of Sith one theory that perhaps she is of the Kenobi lineage. I think that would be beyond awesome and open up the possibility of a Ewan Mcgregor spin off.

    Any thoughts on hearing Yoda and Obi-wan in Rey’s vision? I hope even if it is minimal that it opens the return for force ghosts.

    I loved seeing Luke and watching his face show so many emotions but I wish the film had a more proper ending. The previous films all were part of a bigger story but each had its own ending but The Force Awakens leaves us without the concrete ending. Just having Luke and Rey face off left me wishing for a better ending but again it wasn’t enough to change my mind about the film.

    The only other minor complaints I really had were not showing Hux, Ren and Phasma leaving the planet.

    Can’t get enough of the podcast and look forward to more.

    Viewing #5 comes next week


  • Tommy Steinbrecher

    I watched the movie only for the second time earlier today and I realized that early on Rey says “I thought that Luke Skywalker was just a myth.” And also, “You’re Han Solo, the smuggler?” She couldn’t have possibly had any relations with those characters and not known about them right?

    • phnxgrl

      Jedi Mind wipe explains that. Luke and Han would only be known to her from the different gossip and myths spoken on Jakku by different traders. So anything in her past before Jakku she would not remember.

  • highmoon

    I noticed that “Lor San Tekka” could be read as Lore (Stories) Sans (Without) Tech or Ticky-tack or crap.

  • Matt D

    no episode this week?

    • Afraid not, Matt. Some tech issues we’re working on now. We’re hoping to be up as soon as early next week!

  • damien

    no new episode?

  • Jim Dalessio

    2 weeks without the best damn Star Wars podcast on the planet? That makes Jimmy a very sad panda.

  • Matt

    Hope you guys aren’t podfading. Really enjoy this podcast.

    • Thanks for saying so! And no way are we podfading, we had to fix some tech issues that went a little longer than expected. Looks like John and I will be back on Monday with an all new episode!

  • Jim Dalessio

    Hi Mark. Is it a Monday in January? 😉

  • darthkushwalker

    so I’m wondering, in the picture above, which one is the guy with the “R” hat? Rocha or Reilly? and then which one is the lady? seriously fellas, come on and put an updated picture on here! always enjoy the pod.

    • Ha! Answer is – I’m the one with the female mask on! Just kidding. We’re aware and getting to updating it very soon. I know, I know… Thanks for the nice words, glad you’re enjoying and we’ll change this asap!

  • Chad Prachar

    I love what you guys do on the podcast! I have a question for the next podcast! I do definitely think that Rey is Lukes daughter. The one topic I don’t think anyone is talking about is who then would be her mother? Even if she was a force baby someone would have to carry her. I think this would be an amazing spot to take from the expanded universe and introduce Mara Jade as her mother? I do think she might be dead and that Luke was looking down on a tombstone at the end of force awakens. What are your thoughts?

  • WackyBantha

    No podcast in quite some time. I have a bad feeling about this. :'(

    • Chris Whitehead

      is that Episode 97 from last week or before? there is never a date on these podcasts so I can’t remember…..

    • Check out Force Center if you haven’t, that is my favorite SW podcast aswell: http://forcecenterpod.podomatic.com/

  • tyrantorr

    I’m worried guys I feel like the show might go away soon 🙁

    • No need for concern – We’ve been installing fiber optics for live broadcast and also restructuring several shows. It will be back very soon.

      • Chris Whitehead

        thank the maker! thanks for the update.

  • dedsfs

    the podcast was cancelled. not enough people tuned in. 🙁

  • WackyBantha

    I can’t wait to hear you guys again! Oh, and if at all possible, could someone add the date to each podcast going forward? That would rock! Thanks!

  • tyrantorr

    hey geeknation can I get a rain check when it will be back up!

  • WackyBantha

    Qui-Gon Jinn just called! He says that HE is the one that is supposed to have a noble end. NOT YOU GUYS!!! :'(

  • jimi

    Successful podcssting requires 3 things:

    1) a fun, informative product

    2) consistency. Be on. Every week. Have a schedule. Provide content, on time, during the established time. Consistency is vital.

    3) if you must take time off, communicate. Let people know when youll be back, even if its an approximation. Most people dont like not knowing. Let your audience know when, hell, even if youll be back.

    Basically, just be professional. Or as my drill sgt told me years ago… “get your shit together.”

    • B3gillin

      Exactly. They should’ve handed off the show to some new host if they were just not going to show up.

      • jimi

        And then we hi 5’d 🙂

  • Durin’s Bane

    according to Mark’s linkedin he no longer works for geek nation so..

  • Hey everyone, you can expect an all new Far, Far Away next week – The new and improved show will be complete with special guests and include call-ins from fans and listeners. Be sure to tune-in!

  • tyrantorr

    no FFA podcast /sadface 🙁

  • WackyBantha

    Hey, GeekNation! What’s the deal with the FAR, FAR AWAY podcast? Is it ever coming back? We hope so, because it rules! MTFBWY

  • Durin’s Bane

    Oh, how the mighty have fallen

  • Tobias Kuhn

    nice new team new podcast i give it a listen

  • Matt

    Good episode. Definitely starting to get used to the new hosts. One somewhat distracting item was the continual mispronunciation of Darth Plagueis using a soft g rather than the correct hard g. See the link for how it’s said in the film. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtk-wWUD2nw

    The same mistake was made with John Boyega those soft g sounds.

  • mikeg55 .

    I’m deleting far far away from my podcasts. I can’t take the prequel hate anymore. A whole generation grew up with them. That is their saga. And there is a lot of good stuff in them. I saw Star Wars at 7 years old at the Coranet theater in SF, and I’ve loved the original trilogy for decades. But I’m grateful to the prequels for giving me new Star Wars, and the best lightsaber fight ever with Darth Maul. Too much prequel hate and too much Lucas disrespect. bye-bye.

    • Mike, we’re sorry to hear that. Understand that any kind of conversation, whether negative or positive about the prequels, is a celebration of Star Wars. On any show you’re eventually going to hear different feeling and tastes regarding the topic. I’ll certainly pass along your message and who knows, they may actually agree and make some changes..

      Stick around, you won’t be disappointed.

  • DarthCrixus

    man this podcast has gone downhill since harloff and tiffany

  • Rob Manning

    Were is the latest epidodes, its been nearly 2 months

    • Dan

      I’m wondering also!

  • jimi

    All Ive heard for weeks is crickets. This is the 2nd or 3rd time production just stopped for weeks at a time.

    As dad used to say, ” Shit or get off the pot.” The lack of consistent content speaks to busy lives, yes, but also a passion for SW not at levels required to maintain consistent releases.

    Do this or cancel the podcast. Its an excercise in frustration for everyone interested.

  • Shyames

    Is this still going on? I catched up with all episodes and now have no idea what to do with it next… Should I still wait for more?
    (It’s awesome, but you should just say if we shoul wait for more or just stop wondering…)