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Join FANGORIA’s Rebekah McKendry, FEARnet’s Rob Galluzzo and Inside Horror’s Elric Kane as they discuss all things horror and go in depth with all the latest horror movies & news, welcome special guests and tackle a myriad of topics weekly. Follow them on Twitter at @RebekahMcKendry, @IconsRobG, and @Elrickane, and you can find them on Facebook here.

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A new episode of Killer POV airs every Friday at 10am PST.


    • Michael D Johnston

      Awesome, guys! Keep it up! I’ve been listing since ep. 5 and I love it. I went back and listened to the first five as well ;)

    • RobertGalluzzo

      Hey Chris – AJ’s my best friend. And we like having him on the show. Sorry you don’t like when he’s on. Just feel free to just skip those episodes then. Thanks for listening!

    • Christopher D Wellborn

      What the F are you talking about? Did you listen to the same show I did? He was hilarious! I also met him at SXSW one year and the guy is a sweetheart of a guy. I don’t get some people.

      • Dennis Atherton

        AJ is an Awsome guest. This shows You can’t please everyone. He’s been in some fantastic films too. The rich mans Ryan Reynolds

        • Dennis Atherton

          Just to explain the joke for people who have not listened to the podcast. Ryan Reynolds was jokingly called the poor mans AJ Bowen ;)

          Great Beard too

  • Christopher D Wellborn

    Fantastic, guys! Just fantastic…Nothing else to say. I really appreciate what you guys are doing.

  • Michael D Johnston

    GREAT podcast! Very fun, informative and they give great lists of obscure flcks to check out (50% I’ve never even heard of). Love it!

  • Marc Pilvinsky

    This is my favorite podcast, by far. But I think you guys should carry on with a replacement when one of you is out of town. I can’t go two weeks without Killer POV. Please!

  • Jennifer Lovely

    The latest episode with David J. Schow was just wonderful. You always bring on the best guests. The love of the genre is completely evident. Thanks!

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  • Sledge Hammer

    deadpit.com is another podcast i listen to every week .

  • Sledge Hammer

    i also follow twih,inside horror,and now killer pov.just sucks everytime i find one of kelrics shows,its gone.except this one for now i think?

  • Dale Baines

    Hi Team KP, I came over your podcast as a result of Bloodcast and I’m really enjoying the chemistry between the three of you so far. I still have a good number of podcasts to catch up on, but the three of you are awesome. I love how knowledgeable you guys are about the genre and your very organic interactions with one another. So far, I actually enjoy the podcasts where it’s just the three of you, without guests, more so than some of the guests you’ve had on. To be totally honest, there have been a few instances where I had to just jump off after you brought on the guest because while some of them are important or interesting figures in the genre industry, good podcasters they do not make. Lol, sorry. It’s especially frustrating when the topic you guys are talking about is something I’m really interested in hearing your viewpoints; for example the In Defense of episode and most recently, the Mystic Party episode. The In Defense of episode was just a clusterf–k…lol, you guys turned into The View after a while and I couldn’t even make out what you were saying (loved how poor Rebekah tried to rein things in but to no avail), and then oddly enough, at the same time, one of your guests seemed to be on a different wavelength (or room) than the rest of you guys since every time he spoke, the whole thing would come to a screeching halt because his pace was just way off. It was crazy. Again, I’m not done with all your podcasts so hopefully these gang ups do not happen too often. With the Mystic Party episode, I LOVED the topic you were talking about, the supernatural, and that Mystic Party podcast sounds like something I would normally be interested in, but any desire I might have had to listen to their podcast was quickly squashed as I listened to Zane. The affectation he puts in his voice made it so unbelievably difficult to hear him AND it just totally threw off the rhythm of the entire episode. I say affectation because he sounded a little less odd toward the end, as if he dropped the persona. I’m sure Zane is a nice guy, and since I’ve never heard of them before this, maybe that’s the selling point of their podcast, I don’t know, but it was just sooo not my cup of tea. On the other hand, I really liked Brea. Anyway, I know you guys don’t have control over how your guests perform, and I might very well be alone in my opinions, but I just wanted to reiterate, I enjoy the three of you alone just fine and I would not mind if you just go it alone all the time. I think you guys are doing a great job. I hope you re-tackle the two topics I mentioned above again sometime in the future with just the three of you (perhaps using a different take so it’s still fresh). Thanks for the entertainment! Going back to catching up; please pardon the thesis.

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  • Paula Haifley

    Whenever I need to do chores that I can’t stand, I listed to Killer POV. When my commute sucks, I listen to Killer POV. Killer POV, the laughs, the thought-provoking discussions, the suggestions for more obscure films I’ve never seen, the fantastic guests and juicy behind the scenes stories, all help me get through things that I’d really rather stab myself in the eye than do. That’s how good of a podcast it is. When my mother was going to visit and I had to clean the whole house, I listened to two episodes back to back. Thanks to Killer POV, my mother no longer thinks I’m a slob. I love this podcast.

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  • Shea

    You guys, I’m a full blown Killer POV addict. I started with episode one casual style. Like, let’s go on a date, Killer POV. Now, I’m on episode 9 and I’m sort of committed. My friends and family tell me it’s too fast, but I don’t care! They don’t know Killer POV like I do! You’re the leader of the pack.

  • Dennis Atherton

    I have been listening since the column was posted on Fthismovie by Patrick Bromley and im a big fan. I just bought Possesion because of Elric and im watching it this weekend. Im enjoying catching up with all the podcasts I missed. Great work gang

  • Dennis Atherton

    Ok time for some truth, I have to admit this now and get it off my chest, then hopefully we can all feel better, I’m no good at keeping secrets, it’s eating me alive,

    I am an addict!

    Phew, I feel better now its out there, I am addicted to the Podcasts, may they never stop, hurry up with the next one, I need my fix ;)

    Great work everyone

  • Dennis Atherton

    Its gonna be a long lonely friday in work today with no new podcast to listen too ;)

  • seandansberger

    Love the show. I’m a loyal weekly listener, and at this point I’ve listened to all of the episodes.

    I just ran across this article on rogerebert.com by critic Jim Emerson (http://www.rogerebert.com/scanners/101-102-movies-you-must-see-before) and it gave me an idea for a request.

    Jim put together this list of movies he considered to be essential viewing in order to be “film-literate”. The idea is not to pick the “best” movies or his “favorite” movies, but movies he thought every movie watcher needs to view in order to have any kind of informed discussion about movies in general. Along the same lines, do you have a list of horror movies you consider to be essential viewing to be “horror-literate”? To me, the list should include a mix of movies from different sub-genres, directors, prominent actors, and ones that best (or first) demonstrate the guiding tropes of the genre. In other words, If I’m 25 and have never watched a horror movie, what would I have to see to even begin to have a conversation with you about the genre?

    Keep up the good work!