The BloodCast

Hosted by Ryan Turek (of ShockTillYouDrop.com) and Clarke Wolfe, this podcast takes an analytical and loving look at horror, both in theaters and on television. Each episode, the two will weigh in on the most significant news in horror, what they’ve been watching, and delve into and discuss a specific theme in horror entertainment (be it the best backwoods killers and why they work, or strong patriarchal figures in horror), but they do so with a fun and insightful approach. Follow @_RyanTurek and @ClarkeWolfe on Twitter.

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A new episode of The Bloodcast airs every Wednesday at 10am PST.


    • RTurek

      Thanks, Paul!

    • RTurek

      Thanks so much and, yes, Clarke is incredible.

  • Christopher D Wellborn

    Great podcast, guys! Keep it up…It’s a very fun listen. I dig Ryan, but Clarke was a great addition.

  • Michael D Johnston

    GREAT podcast! Me and my 12 year old listen to it in the car to and from school! It’s great. Thanks, guys!

    • Clarke Wolfe

      Thank you, Michael! Maybe we should try and clean up our language for the ride to school… 🙂

  • K. Lee Adams

    Best podcast in the world. Always happy to listen.

  • Mike

    Man… Listened to my first episode today… “In Defense Of”… Man… the girl acts/talks like my 10 year old daughter… She then talks and talks and talks, but when Ryan says anything she gets on his case for interrupting her. Ryan brings out a different idea of what Hostel meant to him, she shit on it… ugh

    Ryan, get a tolerable cohost. think you’re awesome. The girl is like nails on a chalkboard.

    • Clarke Wolfe

      Sorry you feel that way but I’m not going anywhere. I hope there are some other episodes of The Bloodcast that you find that you enjoy better!

  • Mike Balbert

    Big fan of the show. I really enjoy your director series and both you and Clarke are great.

  • Danny Villanueva Jr.

    Best horror podcast ever! I’ve been binging on the Bloodcast for the past few weeks now and in every episode Ryan and Clarke never fail to entertain. Awesome topics and great discussions with honest individual opinions. You guys rock! Can’t wait for the next episode!

  • Aaron Macias

    Such a great podcast, not just a bunch of babbling BS like “that movie sucked” or any other simple minded input of that nature. Love how informative you guys are about the movies you talk about, definitely helps make my work day go by faster. Plus I have been writing down a lot of the movies that you talk about that I haven’t seen yet so that’s a cool bonus. Also, I think both of you guys have some of the best chemistry out of most the podcasts I listen to, you guys going to do anymore crossovers with the guys from Killer POV? That was an especially good one. Keep up the great work!

  • Jonathan Hughes

    Was listing to the Sequel Discussion last night which anyone was listening to will agree that the discussion itself deserves a sequel as there are so many other horror franchises to discuss plus it’ll be interesting to hear more in-depth opinions as i felt some (not all) but some of the movies at times were kinda rushed, I only say this cause Ryan and Clarke always bring up interesting points and theory’s about certain movies for example what Ryan said about The Final Destination Series. Was also good to gear about The Wondercon coverage especially what Clarke said about both Dawn/Rise Of The Apes. Rise was such a suprise hit when it came out and i know Dawn is gonna kick ass to. Also excited for Dead Snow too

  • Great Podcast! You guys should do an episode about my favorite Horror franchise – The Chipmunks!

  • Dale Baines

    Whew, I think I finally caught up with all your podcasts (except ep 72 cuz it’s still not available!)! Ryan and Clarke, you guys are awesome; great podcasts! I actually kinda wish you would expand your focus to all movies instead of just the horror genre because some of the insights you provide are more interesting and feel more valid than some of your other colleagues on this site who serve that purpose. I know you do take the occasional tangent; I just wish they weren’t only tangents, is what I’m saying. I love the crisp quality of your podcasts and I love just how organic even your off-topic chitchat feels (unlike others). Oh! Also, thank you for recommending Penny Dreadful; based on your review of it I gave it a try and ended up binge-watching all the eps in two nights. I almost passed on that show completely based on the ho-hum previews; so glad you changed you changed my mind cuz love that show now! Lastly, thank you so much for mentioning Frailty; I didn’t think anyone remembered how good that movie was so I’m grateful you proved me wrong on that. Clarke, I hope you get your own cable soon; keep up the great work both of you!

  • I find my self missing this show more and more every day. It’s only been a couple of weeks since the last episode but it being gone has left such a void in my week. I didn’t realize truly how much I enjoyed the show til it was gone. All the best to Ryan and Clarke on their new adventures. It was a fantastic show, and while it won’t be the same, I’m excited to see who the new hosts will be. Thank you for all the hours of entertainment!

  • Andrew Rich

    Holy crap!! Updates would be nice. When is the bloodcast coming back and with who???

  • Taniya Verma