Daddy Love Me: Ep. 120: Broken Privates

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We are back with an all new SUPER SIZED episode. Here’s the deal we have an extra long podcast this week because we decided we wanted to watch the new episode of Real Housewives of New York while we recorded. So thats what we did. The first 30 is like our normal podcast filled with all our amazing observations about the world we live in (OJ, 4th of July, Suzy dying, Ryan visiting his parents, etc) BUT then we turn on the tv and we hurl smartass remarks at the camera. The best way to listen to this part of the podcast is to fire up your tv and watch it along with us. If not feel free to go about your normal day and I GUESS WE ARE STUPID FOR TRYING SOMETHING NEW. HOW DARE YOU GUYS SPEAK BAD ABOUT US. YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO ENCOURAGE US. YOU GUYS ARE STUPID TOO!!! Please listen and subscribe!