Daddy Love Me: Ep. 134: Chocolate Holes and the Hot Dog Flavored La Croix

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We are back with an all new episode and know whats amazing??!!

We don’t talk Real Housewives in this episode. Now that i’m writing this I don’t know why.  BUT we do talk about the KARDASHIANS!!  Ryan visits a Kanye West concert and is blown away by the “ART” of it all.  Suzy recounts a harrowing incident of a homeless bushman that tried to break into her abode and the ADT employee that didn’t believe her.

We talk about Halloween and how there are no good Halloween parties anymore or at least we aren’t getting invited to them.  We recount past Halloween glories and then delve into the world of GHOSTSSSS.

We talk about what scares the beejesus out of us.  Suzy is scared of burglars/ghosts and Ryan is scared of serial killers/everything.  Thanks for listening! Tell a friend unless you don’t have any!

Also, Suzy is still dying of an unspecified illness according to WebMD.