Das Process: Ep. 12: Mark Hoppus

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This week…. Mark Hoppus.

  • Ben Tramer

    Wow, great episode! I grew up on Blink’s music and have been hearing bits here and there about their internal fights and issues. SO awesome finally hearing Mark speak up so openly and honestly. Fingers crossed for new music soon!!

  • Depak Sharma

    This is very cool! Is Hoppus putting the band back together??

  • Juliette Wolfson


  • Himynameisblink

    Das proccess Amahd or whatever your name is the interview isnt about you and new york its about mark hoppus and blink 182 you keep talking about you and what youve seen and done no one gives a shit

    • Actually, you couldn’t be more wrong. Das Process is a podcast, not an interview, no matter how similar the two styles are. More importantly, it IS about him… IT IS HIS PODCAST… and Mark is his guest. Ahmed Best is actually an extremely successful voiceover artist, it wouldn’t hurt to have an ounce of respect.

  • http://www.noris-schluesseldie

    Here was a good Song but i dont know the Artist