Far, Far Away: Ep. 10: Steve Mitchell and Craig Van Sickle

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Episode 10 of Far, Far Away arrives and hosts Kristian Harloff and Tiffany Smith are joined by “Clone Wars” writing team Steve Mitchell (@PretenderSteve) and Craig Van Sickle (@CraigVanSickle1)! As always, there’s fun talk ranging from news, rumors, and canon chat. We also talk about Steve and Craig’s time working with Jake Lloyd on The Pretender and some epic moments spent with the man himself, George Lucas. Have fun and remember to rate, comment, and subscribe to us in iTunes!

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  • Saban Erdman

    I have a theory on the original cuts:

    JJ Abrams is a huge fan (so they say), and he knows that people (including probably himself) really want the original versions on Blu-Ray, so he might be part of getting this done. So here’s my theory:

    Disney is going to take a cue from Warner Brothers did with the extended cut of The Lord of the Rings and release the theatrical cuts of the original films shortly before Episode 7 comes out. Disney will do this for a few reasons.

    1) It will make the original fans happy and probably bring good will from the old fans that have been burned by the prequels. This should make the original fans more likely to see the new movies in theaters – I have heard of people who didn’t see Episode 2 and 3 in theaters because they hated episode 1 so much.

    2) It will work as an advertisement for the new movie, and it won’t cost all that much money to do – just a restoration / 4K transfer.

    3) It will make a lot of money from classic fans and probably new fans, too. The multi-cut Blade Runner (30th Anniversary Collector’s Edition) box set sold pretty well, I believe.

    I believe that if this is going to happen, it will be announced early to mid 2015 (possibly 2015 Comic Con) and be released late November 2015.

    What will hold this back is a couple things. Last week, you said George Lucas said they couldn’t release them; I doubt this will happen.The problem is a rights and the difficulty to find original, high grade, cuts. The original negatives have been altered by Lucas, but there are silver masters that are, in theory, just as good of quality as the original negatives*. Second is the rights. The first movies are owned by 20th Century Fox. Now Disney could either pay Fox for the rights, or Disney could co-publish the original trilogy with Fox – I believe that Disney did this with Paramount for the Marvel Phase One box set.

    I would love to hear your thoughts on this guys.

    *”These are special silver-based copies that do not fade, and in theory should be almost identical in quality to the original negative itself, so even if the negative was destroyed you still have a perfect copy (which is the point of making the separation master).” – The Secret History of Star Wars

  • Brian Ochoa

    I just read online that the kotor 3 game announcement was an April fools joke :,(

  • Damightymite

    I love this podcast so much! Keep up the great work guys!! 😀