Far, Far Away: Ep. 11: Chewy’s Back

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Episode 11 of Far, Far Away is here and the gang discusses Alan Horn’s announcement that Episode VII is filming, Chewbacca is back, and why do people insist on putting their feet up on the seats at the theater? All of this and more on the latest ep. of FFA!

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  • Saban Erdman

    I’m a third through Darth Plagueis. It’s pretty good. Thanks for the recommendation, Kristian.

  • Ben Jason

    Kristian, even though you talk about it almost every week, thank you so much for recommending the book Darth Plagueis!!! I just finished it and it was great!

    P.S. It’s really neat to see you have joined AMC movie talk officially! May the Force be with you guys!

  • Tristan Mayer

    Awesome episode this week! I’m really impressed that you guys can make the podcast constantly feel full and new considering Disney is hiding all possible information like they’re Death Star plans. Loved hearing all the premature plans for the premiers and screenings, it’s making my excitement reach a new peak every week.
    On the topic of crappy movie goers, I have a story from the Captain America midnight release. During the pivotal conversation between Nick Furry and Robert Redford’s character, somebody’s phone went off. It was annoying, but I thought, “whatever, it happens. just turn it off.” Sure enough he doesn’t turn it off. He lets it ring out, full blast, all the way through until it finally goes to voice mail. If that wasn’t terrible enough, whoever was calling calls back and the phone starts ringing again. At this point people are yelling at the guy, “hey asshole, turn the fu**ing phone off.” It’s the climactic moments of the film, but you can hardly notice because the crowd has erupted in to shouts and cursing. All because some douche wouldn’t turn off his phone.
    So I’m with you Kristian! People should be there to watch the movie. Not to fuss around on Twitter or constantly talk to their friends.

  • I actually love the fact that we know nothing about the upcoming Star Wars movie. Granted, I’m not a hardcore Star Wars fan so I’m sure I’m in the minority. But I love the MCU and I hate that set photos for Avengers 2 are popping up, I avoided it as much as I can. I love the show, you guys have definitely gotten me into the whole Star Wars universe and look forward to each episode. Thanks guys!

  • Brent Minehan

    Great show. Really sad hearing Mark is going, he is a great contribution to the show.

  • rene

    there is a point to the large amount of force use in the prequels. The Jedi were a huge part of the world and society. Also, there were so many jedi, so they just used the force all the time. It was a part of their everyday life to use the force. its adds into other aspects that lead to the down fall of the jedi.