Far, Far Away: Ep. 13: Ladies Night

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In an all ladies edition of Far, Far Away, Tiffany Smith is joined by Jenna Busch (@jennabusch)! As always, there is fun talk ranging from news, rumors, and cannon chat. And we talk what we’re hoping for on May the 4th as well as Jenna’s brief stint as Pirate Leia! Have fun and remember to rate, comment, and subscribe to us in iTunes!

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  • Peter

    Well done holding the fort Tiffany, this was a fast paced, smooth and entertaining episode! Keep up the great work 🙂

  • rene

    Good episode even though you kind of lost me somewhere in middle, to be honest. Its kind of disheartening, yet understandable, that everyone gets so worried about things becoming to kid-ish. There will be lots of adult Star Wars films and cartoons, but im looking forward to G rated stuff for the next generation. A Pixar-ish gungan movie, Han and Chewie, and a Princess Leia movie! Who does princesses better than Disney? A young Leia, grows up to be leader of the rebels, cartoon movie that I can watch with my niece would be fun. So, if Rebels ends up being for a younger audience I wouldn’t mind since Clone Wars was more mature.
    also, Im not interested in casting rumors.