Far, Far Away: Ep. 14: Alison Haislip

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On the latest episode of Far Far Away, Kristian and Tiffany are back together again and this week they are joined by Alison Haislip. The gang chats about the announcement of the new Star Wars canon, the new books and vids coming out and Kristian brings back Darth Plageius. They speculate about when there will be a major announcement on May the 4th. NOTE: This episode was taped ONE DAY BEFORE the big casting announcements so we will cover that next week.

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  • Brent Minehan

    So i have to wait a whole week to have a cast episode? Poo.

  • wilderfox


  • Jake B

    i’m really enjoying the first bit of this episode with the benefit of hindsight & the irony of these discussion

  • Jake B

    qui-gon jim almost made me spit out my drink with laughter.

  • Saban Erdman

    You just had to switch the record day to Monday, didn’t you… Well this podcast was more or less pointless to listen to. 🙂 Well at least next weeks episode should have some interesting things in it, especially because it will be after May 4th, which will probably also have some news.

  • Saban Erdman

    I don’t expect the actors to be huge Star Wars geeks, but they should learn all they can about the characters after they get cast – that’s what the Lord of the Rings actors did; do you think Orlando Bloom was a LOTR geek before he was cast? Probably not…unless he was and in that case, I would look like a Jar Jar…

    I’m a huge Return of the Jedi defender, and it baffles me how many people miss the point of Ewoks. A major theme of ROTJ is the smallest things are what prevail in the end. The Rebels are a small band that defeat the empire; the small amount of good in Darth Vader is what caused him to kill the emperor; a small amount of evil in Luke could have caused him to become a dark jedi; and the most on the nose of all, the small (but truly brave) Ewoks brought down the a legion of Stormtroopers. Sure, the Ewoks were made to sell toys, but at least they served the message of the film.