Far, Far Away: Ep. 24: Disney Says No ‘Episode VII’ News at Comic-Con

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On today’s episode of Far, Far Away, Kristian is Tiffanyless but is joined by friends Ryan Gray and Mike “Beats” Morabito to discuss everything and anything in a galaxy far far away. The news that Disney plans to NOT reveal any Episode VII news is the hot topic today. The guys also have some Rebels speculation and our guests choose their favorite moments in any of the Star Wars films.

  • justinnnnnnn

    This was a fantastic episode. You guys go in depth about speculation on upcoming material instead of lingering on the news the whole episode and when theres no more news, end the episode, like the last few episodes. Love it, keep it up!

  • Langley Neely

    Kristian you are my go to guy for all things Star Wars right now, but I have to disagree with one of your prevailing Episode 7 theories: Leia getting killed AT ALL! Totally think Han is toast at the end, blaze of glory style. It’s so obvious Han will die that it makes me think jj Abrams WONT kill him just to screw with everyone’s expectations! But where Leia is concerned I don’t think you kill her for several reasons, 1st Carrie fisher doesn’t have the same Star Wars issue Ford has, 2nd you will still need someone to represent the political angle in the Star Wars universe ( like you said, queen, senator, republic leader etc), and 3rd you need someone else to mourn Han in at least ep8 if not ep9 “you father was a good man”

  • dark knight fan

    Rebels is set 5 years before Episode 4.

  • TheStorm

    I hope you guys read some of these comments. First I love your show; it’s my favorite SW podcast. However, as a massive OT fan, and someone who did not care for the PT. I will say Devin is wrong about lots of people loving the PT. For a few reasons.

    First, Devin himself seems to talk a lot about corporate strategy and the business side of all of this. Well anyone would know a huge corporation like Disney does want the maximum profit. Who would not? Before buying a 4 billion dollar franchise, Disney will do it’s homework. With market research among other things it’s clear they learned something. Take a look at this.

    1. They cancel The Clone Wars (great show by the way).
    2. They cancel the already finished Episode II/III 3D theatrical releases.
    3. They start to end all the comics (some still in progress) and books that relate to the PT.
    4. They announce a new Cartoon series…it takes place in the OT universe.
    5. They announce a bunch of books that will be the first canon under LFL’s new canon system. All of them take place during, or
    near the OT.
    6. The man they hire to do Episode VII…not really a fan of the PT.

    My point being it’s clear to see they are trying to push the Prequel Era into the shadows. And they are bringing the OT into the spotlight once again. I would not be the least bit surprised if next year the theatrical cuts of the OT are re-released on Blu-ray as well. Also to add to that list Battlefront the new game by DICE is OT focused as well it seems.
    Disney would want to maximize profits. If there was so many that loved the PT….they would not be doing this. They are clearly pushing the Prequel Trilogy under the rug and focusing on the OT. With good reason….the PT is not that loved. Yes there are its fans, and there is nothing wrong with it, it does not make a person less or more of an SW fan.

    I never buy into that Generational stuff Devin was talking about either. I was born in 1984. First watched the OT in 1989. I’m a generation after the OT came out. There are many things in my life I’m nostalgic for, but there is a difference between true quality, and just blind nostalgia. I loved TMNT cartoons/movies in the late 80’s/early 90’s. I loved Robocop 3, I loved Alien Resurrection as a child as well. But as I grew up…I still have the nostalgic feeling for all those things, but it does not take away from the fact that they are terrible films/shows and as a kid I was easier to please.

    Talking with my father he even said he could not stand watching TMNT, but he loved one show I watched as a kid as well, Batman The Animated Series. And funny enough now almost 30 years old, I still love that show. There is a difference between Quality and nostalgic childhood memories. The original trilogy still holds up for me. It is still (well ANH/ESB) some of my favorite movies of all time.

    It was something I’ve always hated Lucas and Prequel Apologists say. “Well….the kids liked it.” That is the equivalent of saying: “That starving Ethiopian guy loved my cooking”. It’s not very hard to please children. As a kid I liked everything, if it had moving pictures I loved it. But the problem is you grow up and realize that some things really were not good. Saying the PT was okay at least because kids liked it is a cop out. Kids will like anything. If you look at the original trilogy….EVERYONE loved it. That’s what made it a phenomena, it was not just kids, it was all ages! The movies were universal. George never got that. He thought just kids liked it. (well they spent the majority of the money he made off of SW toys). I watch things like The Avengers, or Up, or Wall-E or Frozen….and adults love it as well as kids. Even though some of those may be pointed at children. See you can have a high
    quality film that people will like even when they grow up.

    The whole “kids liked it” or a new generation liked it, is not saying much. Because the PT is not aging well, and the new films will probably push them further into obscurity and be remembered as the Roger Moore Bond films of the SW franchise. Kids of this generation were not gaga for the prequels. They were influenced and wowed (alongside adults) with things like Raimi’s Spider-man films. X-men, The Avengers, The Dark Knight trilogy, Lord of the Rings.” The PT did not have the effect that the OT had. The reason is not because of nitpicking or because it was “new” most of my OT fans friends LOVE The Clone Wars. It had to do with the fact that the PT were terribly executed and written films. Simple.

    So to end this I disagree with Devin, and think he is wrong. The proof is showing the other way. And especially after the new films….I think the PT will fair even worse. Where they will be remembered as that bad trilogy.

    It think the Sequel Trilogy will be a return to greatness. The team they have, the support and talent…I can’t wait for Episode VII. It’s been 15 years since I’ve been this excited for the return of my favorite franchise.

    • Brent Minehan

      Ok Great comment! Except one little irrelevant thing XP. The rights to the original trilogy movie distributions still is owned by FOX so Disney cant release them unless FOX says ok. Secondly, the theatrical cuts would look really bad on blu ray. There are many cuts of the films, perhaps a not so special edition would be best?

      • TheStorm

        The rights of Empire and Jedi are with Disney, just the original has the distribution rights. And trust me Fox will make a deal with Disney, they know with the hype of Episode VII coming they will make a lot of money of a re-release with new features etc of the OT. But yes the rights of A New Hope is still with Fox. But Empire/Jedi the rights are still with LFL.

        • TheStorm

          Yes, just saying someone enjoyed them does not make it so. Most of the newer generation was raised with comic book films, Spidey, The Dark Knight trilogy etc. Being “forgiving” on something because you grew up on it is not a valid excuse for what they were. Again there was lots of crap as a kid I enjoyed, but it does not mean I still enjoy them, I remember the nostalgic memories, but it does not make a film for most. A 3D re-issue first off 3D inflates things around 33%. So in reality it made 75 world wide…that’s not huge. Also Disney canceled the Episode II and III 3D releases that were already finished. Again they did it because yes….there are some people that don’t mind the PT….but not near as many as some make it out to be. The thing is ignoring the PT will make them MORE money then the other way around.

      • TheStorm

        To Rona:

        Sorry you are not in some majority. Yes there are some of those diehard PT fans that try to justify their quality by bashing the OT. Disney is turning away from the PT, and turning to the OT. So PT only fans (so few of them out there) they don’t care about one bit.

  • Clay Slentz

    Love your show guys!!! Highlight of my week. Ill give my personal opinion on the OT vs the PT. Since I was born in 1992, I am kinda in the middle ground of that age difference. I was obsessed with the OT growing up. The Prequels were made to satisfy my age group…and they did (at least phantom menace did). I was 7 years old when Phantom Menace came out, i was too young to care about logical inconsistencies. I realize that these movies are terrible now, but watching them does take me back to an exciting time in my childhood. The anticipation i felt as a 7 year old I feel today!! Lets hope for better results

  • Chris Whitehead

    Kristian, how you think the announcement will go, waiting till the very end of the panel, is exactly the way I see it happening, saying as they go to leave “oh…and one more thing….” all the lights go out and a teaser plays, 5 seconds or so, ending in the title reveal. that would be amazing. sadly I think we’ll have to wait until next year for it but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Chris Whitehead

    also have to add I LOVE the idea that the Hutts are after revenge against Leia for killing Jabba, I honestly think that you won’t have any mention though of anything Prequal trilogy related as I think this direction they are going (as someone else commented below) is that Disney are sweeping everything PT under the rug. I would love the Lupita to play Ventress but I doubt it, I’d love her to play Ahsoka more but again I can’t see it happening.

  • Brent Minehan

    Oh common Kristain. I have just assumed that the focus needs to be on Rebels for comic con. I guarantee at most we will get a JJ from Set or something video. They havent chosen a title yet, if they give us more then i would be shocked.

  • Brent Minehan

    Oh jeez, don’t start about the practical effects talk. It has nothing to do with what makes the original films great. And the lack there of has nothing to do with why the prequels are bad.

  • David Geeves

    Jar jar V Chewbacca…… no contest jar jar dies! The world rejoices 😀

    Anyone who hasn’t seen star wars should stick to the OT. That said I have watched it in this order and it is not horrible.

    Try it out and let me know 🙂

  • Nick Wegenke

    Man just listening to him describe the “Music with twin suns and a hooded figure” actually made chills run down my spine.

  • Phillie Em

    Stop feeding us this pig slop