Far, Far Away: Episode 101: Time to Rebel

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This week, Ryan Bailey (@GeekOutBailey) decided to take the Rogue One trailer a little too seriously, and decided to rebel!… By ditching Oren (@Sabra14) and Alex (@AlexRWelch) on the podcast this week (not really, and we love you and miss you Bailey), and left them to talk by themselves for an hour about the latest in Star Wars news, including the crazy fan theories connecting Rey and Jyn Erso, Daisy Ridley’s reaction to the theories, along with her comments about Rey’s parentage, which leads the duo on an interesting discussion about separating text from speculation. Then, listen as Oren and Alex go frame-by-frame on the Rogue One – A Star Wars Story trailer, giving their theories about some of the new characters, as well as their overall impressions! Check it out!

  • Ben Tramer

    Great episode guys, really digging the new crew! I didn’t even realize that Mon Mothma was Genevieve from Ep 3, so cool. I personally think the kneeling cloaked figure is Mads Mikkelsen. Cant wait for the next trailer!

    • Glad you’re enjoying the show, Ben!

  • Depak Sharma

    Its DARTH!!!