Far, Far Away: Episode 104: It’s a Mads, Mads, Mads World

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On this week’s episode of Far, Far Away, Alex (@AlexRWelch), Oren (@Sabra14), and Ryan (@GeekOutBailey), talk about all the latest in the Star Wars news, and a lot of it happens to be about Rogue One… and a lot of it comes from the mouth of Mads Mikkelsen. In addition to the new rumors, we also speculate about what announcements we might want to expect to happen on May the 4th (Be With You), and the hosts try and analyze what it is that they like and don’t like about Star Wars movie titles. But even more important, whether or not it really matters. Check it out!

  • Tristan shiels

    I love revenge of the sith more than jedi maybe , i look at the film as the rise of Palpatine more than anakins downfall.