Far, Far Away: Ep. 9: Colin Ferguson, A Return to Hoth?

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In this episode of Far, Far Away, Kristian and Tiffany are joined by the Maytag man himself Colin Ferguson to discuss all things Star Wars. First up is Ep. VII rumors and news, and with the news that filming will take place in Iceland, does that mean we will be going back to Hoth? The crew discusses Pablo Hidalgo’s mysterious tweet that threw a thermal detonator in Expanded Universe fans worlds, and finally, Colin tells us what order of the original six movies he will show to his son. Enjoy!

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  • Logan Gray

    Actually, Iceland is the one where there is no ice. Greenland is icy. Iceland is greeny.

  • tom

    you may not like the prequels (fully understand your reasoning) but my favorite moment that I can watch over and over is those 5 or so seconds where anakin walks into the jedi temple in front of the 501st. It was SO awesome.

  • Niklas

    Thank you Kristian for talking about the darth bane trilogy, started listen to the audio book. So good!! Love the show aswell!

  • Brent Minehan

    I dont want to see the originals on blu ray. I want to see the special edition without some of the crap they added in. There are too many issues that would flaw the movie that would appear very present on blu ray.