Far, Far Away: Episode 96: Will Epsiode VIII Have Force Ghosts?

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John Rocha (@therochasays) and Mark Reilly (@Reillyaround) are back for another rousing episode of #FarFarAway! It’s time to discuss all the news that is out there – from Episode VIII, to the Star Wars Stories as well as Battlefront and Star Wars Rebels! We get to it all! Now that Episode VIII is coming out in December of 2017, the two discuss the possibility of getting a new Star Wars movie every December rather than May. Plus, they discuss the new casting rumors and, of course, continue speculating on who Rey’s parents are! The two then touch on Princess Leia’s part in ‘Star Wars Rebels’ as well as news about a new DLC coming to Battlefront! And then– It’s #AttackOfTheTweets! We answer a ton of new questions including what Force Ghost(s) could possibly be in Episode VIII! All this and much more on #FarFarAway!

  • RogueQall

    Great show as always by Rocha. But Reilly… big respect to you for bringing up Ronald D. Moore who wrote BSG ‘re-imagined’ and other shows. I also don’t want the Star Wars universe to be over saturated, however, not at the cost of a potentially ground breaking, premium quality live-action TV show. A running series would allow true world building, proper character development and bringing the fans and audience in, up close and personal on a week-by-week basis. Overlooking TV would be a seriously lost opportunity. And I can think of no one else worthy, to pick up that baton other than Ronald D. Moore. Make it dark and gritty in detail but pure and simple plot and direction, make it the STAR WARS – OLD REPUBLIC! xD

    • Thanks dude! I know, I am so curious about Moore’s episode and – moreover – think he should be called in to showrun the whole series. I think if he is brought in, saturation aside, we will get a groundbreaking series as you suggest – something we haven’t seen in the Star Wars universe before. Especially when you think of the title – Underworld – so much potential!

      • RogueQall

        We can only hope and pray… us Star Wars fans are like junkies, right? Always wanting more (after years of starvation), hahaha. Keep up the good work, Rocha & Reilly. Cheers xD

  • MichBB

    YES YES YES to Hayden coming back as Anakin/Vader force ghost. Loved the force ghost artwork in Art of TFA. Him flowing back and forth between light and dark would be intriguing. Love to see scenes of him with Kylo and Rey/Luke. Even if just an Anakin force ghost talking to Luke would be awesome too.

  • B3gillin

    2nd time Riley has ruined movie fights for me lol