Far, Far Away: Episode 98: The Force Awakens… Again

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Far, Far Away is back with a new episode, and this time, it’s coming with all new hosts as well! Listen as Alex Welch, Ryan Bailey, and Guest Host Oren Kamara take you into the newest inception of the podcast. We talk about the latest rumors for the Young Han Solo movie, the recent set photos from Episode VIII, the upcoming DVD and Blu Ray release, why Alex has such an intense love of Rian Johnson, why Oren can’t remember watching Looper, Ryan’s red carpet moment with Mark Hamill, Alex and Oren’s high-stakes* bet, and more!


  • Donny

    This podcast has really gone down hill. First Harloff, then Smith, Rocha. I’m sorry but this just isn’t the podcast I once loved. I wish you guys the best of luck in gaining new fans like Darth Harloff and the Smith Lord hooked me but I have to go. I listen to many Star Wars podcasts and, unfortunately, the one that started it for me is dead. Good luck guys.

  • Tobias Kuhn

    I’m only half way through, I’m in tears of laughter. Having so much fun with it

    • That’s great, Tobias! Glad you’re enjoying it.

  • Donny

    Um … Why was my comment removed? I said I didn’t like the episode and my comment gets removed?

    • Because you didn’t just say you didnt’t like the episode and you were being an entitled jerk – If you want to genuinly give the show a chance and speak from a genuine opinion, then do so, but it’s not going to be on your terms and in whatever tone pleases you.

      • Donny

        All I did was say that for me the show is no longer entertaining. I wished the show luck in gaining new fans and compared it to how it was when I hopped on board. I was not rude and I acted very civilized. The show does nothing for me anymore. I listen to plenty of Star Wars podcasts that deliver better. That’s all. I signed up to leave a comment because the podcast means so much to me. It’s not my fault the show has seen a massive decline in quality. It’s been a slow process since Kristian left. With Rocha’s resignation it finally nosedived into its end – FOR ME. I didn’t curse the show. I said I hope these guys can gain fans like the original show hooked me. I did nothing wrong and this censorship of a clean, honest opinion is disgusting.

      • Donny

        Are you the owner of this website or an employee? If you are only a wardon of the comment section how can I contact the owner or owners of the site?

        • You may contact him at brian@geeknation.com.

          • Donny

            Thank you for supplying that address but, if I send this Brian a message it’s not going to show up on your desk, correct? You and the owner of the email address are two different people?

          • Donny

            Could I please have your name?

          • My name is Admin and it’s my job to make sure the diacussion stays on point – This is not an open forum to complain. If you insist on continuing, write your congressman. Aside from that, you’ve been given an email that you can contact.

          • Donny

            Thank you. It may be your job to keep things civil and maybe you truly have been instructed to make sure that the “comment section” is only to be filled with positive comments but I find it very hard to believe that you have been granted the authority to call others jerks for having an opinion. Thank you once again for not blowing me off this whole time. It is greatly appreciated. I wish you the best of luck in your life and in your career here. If you celebrate the holiday of Easter I hope you have a good one.