Far, Far Away: Episode VI: Adam Driver in Episode VII?!

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Far, Far Away returns and this week Kristian flies (Han) solo because Tiffany is out of town! Have no fear, the lovely Amirose Eisenbach, editor of AMC MovieNews and Schmoes Know podcast producer Ken Napzok join the show to discuss all the latest Episode VII news and rumors. We cover everything from Adam Driver possibly being cast as the villain in Ep. 7 to Billy Dee Williams being cast in “Dancing With the Stars” and if that means anything for his future with the franchise. We covered a lot of great stuff, so please enjoy!

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  • awesome show this week it was amazing i started reading the Thrawn trilogy, darth bane trilogy the new jedi order books and Kristian will be happy the darth plagueis book but with how much he talks about that i had to

  • Ryan

    Hey guys, I wanted to make a quick comment for next week’s show and by the way, I think it would be cool of you guys to start a listener mail segment so we can get involved in a more direct method! Anyway, after watching the AWESOME conclusion to Clone Wars, specifically the reference to Darth Bane, I realized two things. The first is that the reference to Bane was the biggest nod to expanded universe geeks I think I’ve ever seen, because I was watching it with my dad who was instantly confused as to what the rule of two was or even who the heck Darth Bane was. I hope its yet another sign that disney is listening to the fans and paying attention to what extra pieces of Star Wars lore are popular. The second thing I thought of is that now they have mentioned Bane and the rule of two in something with the “Lucasfilm stamp of approval”, do you think this is their way of making Drew Karpyshyn’s trilogy cannon and possibly setting themselves up for a Bane movie series? I soon as I thought about a Bane movie, I felt like doing exactly what Macuga did in that video at Maria Menounos’ party! It’s true that the thing Yoda saw didn’t exactly fit Bane’s description from Path of Destruction, but that could of course be changed. I’d love to hear your guys thoughts, and I hope you can incorporate this into far far away episode 7!

  • Logan Gray

    Every time I hear the two words “Big Bad” I immediately assume that person (in this case, Ken) is a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  • Jonathan