Far, Far Away: Episode VII: Clone Wars, Talkin’ Bout Clone Wars

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Episode VII of Star Wars is not here yet but it has arrived for Far, Far Away. On this episode, Tiffany is tanning on Tatooine so Kristian and Reilly man the ship. They are joined again by the Pit Boss himself Ken Napzok. As always, the guys break down the latest Episode VII news and rumors and then it is all about the Clone Wars. This past weekend, Season 6 of the acclaimed series hit Netflix. Kristian, Mark and Ken break down these episodes and share their overall opinions on them. BEWARE: Heavy spoilers on the show once that section of the podcast hits!

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  • caseylee

    Kristian dont you mean it was all Darth Sidious plan because he was the one manipulating plagueis the whole time by clouding his mind just like he and plagueis had done to the jedi

  • jessie 619

    I Tweet Dave Filoni as were talking.

  • Peter

    I’d rather not have Leia at all than having her recast. I think the best solution is to start the movie with a hint that she died giving birth, just like her mother. Carey is too unpredictable, she’s a liability.
    I also think Han should perhaps sacrifice himself at the end of episode 7 or get killed, like Kristian said, that would spark darkness in his children. Luke should be the one present in all three movies.

  • Brent Minehan

    Oh get off it, i have watched so many episodes of the clone wars show now trying understand why you guys like it but its just awful. For every great thing about it there is a bunch of things wrong with it. It does so much of what the prequels did wrong and most of all it doesn’t even feel like Star Wars for so many reasons. Its disgustingly childish sometimes also and i think allot of the time its worse than the prequels. Dont get me wrong, there are some great things about it but that doesn’t mean i am going to forgive it for that.

  • KilroyMcFadden

    Today I learned from Season 1 Episode 6 of the Clone Wars that there is 90’s Earth rave music in Star Wars. I’m trusting you that it gets better later…

  • Shane Hernandez

    I laugh every time you bash Lucas and the prequels.