Game of Thrones Recap & Review Podcast: S4 E1: Two Swords

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Hey everyone! Tiffany Smith (@TiffanysTweets) here and I’m back for another season of the “Game of Thrones” recap & review podcast at GeekNation! This week, we talk about “Two Swords,” the season four premiere episode. From dancer poses with some new faces (hehe), to some heartbreaking moments with characters we’ve grown to love, we cover it all right here!

Chatting alongside me, we have Clare Kramer (@ClareKramer) and Jenna Busch (@JennaBusch).

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  • Cheyne Johnson

    Rhagar is not the mad king

  • Caccis

    Pretty sure Jaime has the bigger sword. Also as said Rhaegar is not Aegon aka Mad King, Rhaegar was Danys big bro and Mad King their father. Also Tyrion can’t whore cause Tywin said this for him, he did not quit it for honor.

  • Jenna here. Yes, I DID say Rhaegar was the “mad king” and it was Aerys! This is what you get when you try to make sense on Monday morning. 😉

  • mal

    How much time has past since Season 1 events? Anyway, in Season 1 Catelyn talks about how Ned left 17 years ago for war and came back a year later w/ Jon Snow, so Jon was about 17 in Season 1. In season 3 they mention that Joffrey is 17. In season 3 Tyrion/Sansa wedding Sansa is 14. So that would make Arya 11 or 12 in the show. I think Dany is 14 in the books in Season1 (I’m not so sure about this one though), so she’s probably 18 by now in the show

    • ashagreyjoy

      I think it’s roughly around 2 years and a couple of months from the start of GoT (the first book) to ADWD (the 5th and latest)…my guess would be around 2 years in the current season since the 4th and 5th book take place simultaneously and in a short period of time. It’s also kind of weird to calculate time in Westeros since time must move differently with crazy winters that can last 10 years…etc. Yeah, they’ve aged up everyone Jon is roughly the same age as Robb (but older by a few months) which was 15 in the first book and 17 on season 1 of the show, Dany 13-16, Sansa 11-13, Arya 9-11, Bran 7-10, Joffrey 13-16…etc. You’re right, that would currently make Dany 18 on the show…and 15 in the books.

  • 4l3x T0rr3s

    Cersei is just a huge bitch, the further away Jaime is from her the better.

    Oberyn is just plain awesome. I can’t wait for more stuff of him.

    That honest trailer is just so funny 😀

  • Where’s Rickon??!! Poor kid, haven’t heard from him or Osha. I thought in the show they would have given him a little air time but I guess they’re sticking to the books on that one. I’m looking forward to Bran, Hodor, and the rest of the gang north of the wall. Coldhands???