Game of Thrones Recap & Review Podcast: S4 E10: The Children

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On this week’s Game of Thrones recap & review, we discuss the finale, whether or not our feelings about our favorite character have changed, and lament the fact that we’re going to have to wait another 42 weeks for Season 5. Join Tiffany Smith (@TiffanysTweets), Clare Kramer (@ClareKramer), Jenna Busch (@JennaBusch) and Ken Napzok (@KenNapzok) for the final recap & review of the season and leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  • So I’ll start the discussion with this: Did Tyrion’s actions at the end of the episode change your feelings about him? I’m curious about your thoughts and how it differs between book readers and the Unsullied.

    • Rusty Patti

      I’ve never liked Tyrion. In spite of Dinklage’s performance “book Tyrion” is the real Tyrion for me. I started disliking him at the Battle of Blackwater and murdering Shae made it worse. I don’t think show or book Tyrion ever loved her. He murdered her because she slept with Tywin. If he’d found her in anyone else’s bed I think she’d have lived.

      • I love Tyrion and more so because of Dinklage’s performance, but I absolutely agree with you about which bed she was in. Totally.

      • man your cray!!!

      • ashagreyjoy

        I agree, I don’t really dislike Tyrion and I always valued his POV as an important one…but I never “loved” him. I do believe that he’s a lot more of a morally grey character; “the greyest of the grey” – according to Martin. His murder (because it was murder) of Shae both in the books and the series, its kind of turning point in his arc and illustrates that point exactly. Yes, she did “betray” him…and yes he was angry and hurt…but that doesn’t extinguish the fact that he murdered his ex girlfriend because he was jilted. I also feel like leaving out “Where do whores go?” and the Tysha reveal was a big mistake…seeing as how that was a major trigger that fuelled his actions in killing Shae and Tywin and made for a better “reason”.

    • I’m a book reader. It really doesn’t change the perception I have for Tyrion. I feel he’s done so well to keep in his anger, struggle or whatever you want to call it for so long that it all came out at the end. I wonder if he had to do that all over again, would he kill Shea and Tywin again.

    • It doesn’t change how I feel about Tyrion but I did feel like it was a little more justified in the books – partly because of Jamie’s confession but also because it was so impromptu. Because we know what Tyrion is thinking in the books, we know that it was opportunistic and driven by Jamie’s comments. In the show it felt like he’d intend to do it if he got the chance, especially Shae’s murder – he didn’t seemed surprised at all to see her there – and as a result, the kills felt much colder and less emotional. Still love Tyrion and can’t wait for his upcoming storyline.

    • Jake B

      i had absolutely no problems with tyrion’s actions. as the lannisters frequently remind us they always pay their debts & something had to be done about the injustice of tyrion knowingly being wrongly put on trial and convicted for something he didn’t do.

  • Rusty Patti

    LSH Spoiler LSH Spoiler LSH Spoiler LSH Spoiler LSH Spoiler
    LSH Spoiler LSH Spoiler LSH Spoiler LSH Spoiler LSH Spoiler
    I have a real fear that Lady Stoneheart might not make it into the show at all.And they will be a terrible mistake. I just finished a re-read of the 1st 5 books and one of the things that jumped out at me were all the references to how vengeful Catelyn was when alive (the 1s time). One example is when the flayed skin of Theon was delivered and her first instinct was to joyfully clutch it to her breast. None of that comes through in the show.

    As a side note – I strongly recommend a re-read. The first time through I raced through the books. On the re-read more than once I thought, “Wait, is this a new chapter? How did I miss this?” And Sansa is a much better character sooner and Tyrion is much worse. The show is nice for putting meat on the bones but reading from the POV of the characters takes the books up to the next level.

    • I’m actually going to do a re-read of books 4 and 5 this summer. You know I actually love Sansa. 🙂

      I think you might be right about LSH, though I’m really hoping that they do put that storyline in!!! There is so much there, including the incident you mention. It seems wrong to leave it out.

    • massachusettensis


      a friend of mine said Leena Headly has already alluded to LSH actress’s return

  • Guest

    LSH? Oh..ya’ll must be talking about this babe! (((((BOOK SPOILER PIC)))))

    [spoiler] [/spoiler]

    • Marcus Townsend

      Kind of hard to skip past that LSH SPOILER WARNING!!! and not read WHEN YOU INCLUDE A HUGE FRIG’IN PICTURE!! Guess I have to turn pictures of in my I.E when reading now!

    • What the F@*&!!!! Take this off the thread please?? What an AHOLE!!

    • ashagreyjoy

      Dude…dick move.

      At least make sure that it wont show up with some backspaces until the pic is below a “read more”.

  • Okay, here is another question: Do you agree with me about Arya? What I said was that I think leaving The Hound and not killing him was an indication that he was no longer on her list.

    I know it’s not the prevailing opinion. I’m certainly hearing about it on Twitter. Here’s why I think so. There is obviously a relationship between, whether you believe it’s mutual respect, convenience or whatever. The list is hugely important to her and she’s obviously not in a rush to get out of there, going by how long she stayed. Cruel, in a way, that she watched, but it gives her time to think. I think if he WAS still on the list, she would have watched him suffer and THEN killed him.


    • I can get down with that. I don’t think he was on her list but I think Arya still thinks he’s a terrible person. Even though she didn’t say it, she obviously doesn’t think he deserved mercy. But in exchange for helping her I can believe she took him off her list. I’m still wondering what green, blue, and brown eyes she’s going shut forever. Anyone have any idea?

    • Disagree I’m afraid. He may have been on her list but killing him then, would have given him mercy. She didn’t stay and watch, either because she was a little attached and didn’t want to see him struggle, or she couldn’t be bothered to stick around!

  • I love the interaction between Brienne and Arya. It was really cool! The dude had his femur popping out of his leg, sorry The Hound is dead. The nice thing he said was that she should go with Brienne which to me showed that he cared about her.

  • 4l3x T0rr3s

    I wait a full week before even referencing to stuff and even then I mark them as ‘spoiler to episode number…’

    The Mountain is going to “live”. He won’t really be alive.

    Hands being cold… I see what you did there XD

    My favorite moment is actually a meta-moment. The fact that this last episode aired on Father’s Day is just genious. When I realized this a few weeks ago I couldn’t stop laughing :D. Also Oberyn’s fight with the Mountain.

    LSH needs to happen. And can still happen. I have a theory why it hasn’t happened yet, and it’s because the actor was filming another show.

    • I actually think she was done filming, but I’m not sure. You know, it could also be because it was too much for a finale. My boyfriend who is NOT a book reader was really moved by the final shot of Arya sailing away and he (knowing about LSH) thought that. I would have loved to see it, but I get it.

  • Cheyne Johnson

    Where do whores go?

  • AMP

    Excellent episode, I loved it. I thought the title referred to the introduction of The Children of the Forest. Stannis in The North, he should fit right in there, he’ll never want to leave. I’m guessing they are saving LSH for next season, no point in bringing in the actress back for 1 episode, plus they had too much other stuff going on. That scene of Ygritte reminded me Snowwhite for some reason. Ugh, now to wait for next season.

    • Yes! Snow White! We also thought about the scene from Return of the Jedi. 🙂

  • Great final show guys. Glad to have discovered this podcast this seasons – may have to do a rewatch of previous seasons to recap your other episodes! Please, please, please do a post-season wrap up for book readers. So many theories teased this week and would love to hear the thoughts of the book readers amongst you!

  • Jake B

    i need to know if this was just me. when tyrion was confronting tywein and talking about shae & tywein called her a whore & tyrion said to say that word again, it reminded me of the scene in elf: call me elf one more time. both scenes had similar results, with dinklage’s character snapping after the characters did repeat the words (though obviously with different consequences). anybody else?

  • ashagreyjoy

    Great end of season podcast, guys.

    – Stannis the Mannis. I’ve been waiting for this all season…wonderful.

    – Melly eye – banging JSnow…oh boy…can’t wait for the future events of this.

    – OMG! Finally they mention Drogon’ name 4 season in!!! Sorry Rhegal and Viserion. That man who plays the little girl’s father killed me, I’m not gonna lie…I cried a little bit.

    – Bloodraven!!! Leaf!!! Happy, happy, happy!

    – R.I.P. Jojen Reed…today was the day that you die.

    – White Walkers are those ancient looking dudes with the white hair, blue eyes and saggy skin. They are their own race/mystical beings, they have their own culture and language and there are male and female White Walkers…think like Ice Elves. Wights are reanimated corpses of people that died beyond the wall, Ice Zombies. Before that episode with the White Walkers turning that baby, we didn’t know that they turned humans into White Walkers…only Wights. “The Others” is an umbrella term used to describe both White Walkers and Wights. Wights can be killed with fire (think when JSnow saved Commander Mormont by setting that wight on fire in season 1), and White Walkers can only be killed with Dragon Glass, also known as “Obsidian” (the daggers and arrow heads that am found at the Fit of the First Men and ultimately used to kill that White Walker, was made of dragon glass), which is made a la dragon fire (and I’m assuming we will see that dragon can kill White Walkers).

    – The Hound/Brienne fight was good, I enjoyed all of those interactions. I was wondering who she was going to fight and bite the ear off once Rorge and Bitter where killed early in the season.

    – Good job Maisie and Rory with that scene when Arya refuses to kill The Hound. I always interpreted that as her last chance to make him suffer. He wanted death, she denied it to him to make him pay for his sins. This is one of my favourite piece of fan art of this scene:

    – “WHERE DO WHORES GO!” !?!?!

    NO LSH!!?!?!?! Wow, I feel like they already had possibly one of the best and most shocking reveals for a end season cliffhanger imaginable…and went with Arya on a boat? Fail. Maybe I’m bitter…maybe…but I still feel like an LSH reveal would have literally broken the internet. Imagine show watchers having to wait a year for an explanation and more info…they would have lost their minds. I remember finishing ASOS and being in complete shock…then…dancing…lots of dancing…lots of screaming and happiness..then immediately grabbing AFFC and diving in. Placing her in the beginning of season 5 would be kind of anti-climatic for me…but that’s just my opinion.

    • Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments on the podcast this season!!!!! They’re always incredibly insightful!!! Not sure if you watch True Blood, but I’m doing a podcast on Geek Nation for the show! Hope you’ll join us for that one, too!

      • ashagreyjoy

        oh man, it was my pleasure 🙂 I haven’t been caught up with True Blood in a while…but I do need something to fill the void of GoT until next year. I’ll definitely be listening in then 🙂

  • Denton

    Lena Heady hinted at LSH on her Twitter account, like she did with Oberyn’s fate, so I was extremely surprised when we didn’t see it.
    Personally I thought the LSH reveal would have been the perfect ending to the season.

    • Yeah, I saw that. She claims she was drunk in Palm Springs and just thought that looked pretty. 🙂

  • Guys!!! The Queen of England is going to visit the set of Game of Thrones AND we’re definitely going to Dorne!!

  • Dez Blackworm

    Anyone else get a Yellow King from True Detective vibe from the old man beneath the tree?;-) Prolly just me..

  • EJG

    I’m gonna binge listen to this tonight.