Game of Thrones Recap & Review Podcast: S4 E2: The Lion and the Rose

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Welcome to another amazing spoiler-ific episode of GeekNation’s Game of Thrones Recap and Review. This week we are talking The Lion and the Rose and…***SPOILER*** the death that we have all been waiting for with baited breath! Joining me for the chat we have GeekNation Queen, Clare Kramer (@ClareKramer), the incredibly book savvy Jenna Busch (@JennaBusch), and Brendan Cowles bringing us the writer’s perspective.

Enjoy today’s “Game of Thrones” mildly morbid Recap and Review with me, Tiffany Smith (@TiffanysTweets), and make sure to subscribe and comment here and on iTunes.

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  • ashagreyjoy

    Tywin did offer up Tyrion to marry Princess Elia. Joanna Lannister and Elia Martell were very good friends when they were at court in King’s Landing. The original plan that the ladies agreed to was for Oberyn and Cercei to marry, and then Jaime and Elia. When Joanna died (when Joanna died, Tywin’s heart went with her becoming even colder and calculating, ) and insulted the Martells by offering up Tyrion instead.

    • ashagreyjoy

      oooops, Joanna was friends with Elia and Oberyn’s mother (who’s un-named as far as I know…) not Elia.

  • Cheyne Johnson

    The two girls during the hunt were the same girls that teased Theon.

  • Jorge Giron

    Way to give up who poisoned Joffrey with that head nodding thing and the reactions from everyone.

  • Cheyne Johnson

    They’re beyond the wall.

  • Cheyne Johnson

    Their are heart trees all over the North


    The wedding was filled with “oh snaps!” and extreme awkwardness. As a book reader, I wouldn’t say we know 100% who did it unless I missed something important. Tiffany, I think we share the same annoyance radar. Olena is great and is a perfect opposition to Tywin, love it! They set up the episode so well to make people guess as to who did it but on the show I don’t think we’ll find out for a long time. It’ll be like, Who shot JR? and Where’s the beef? Tommen will be king since he’s next in line and Cersei will most likely return to her role as queen regent. The girls were the ones that tortured/ had sex with Theon last season. One got jealous of the other and they decided to go on a hunt. Myrcella isn’t married, just living it up in Dorne. Bran and the gang are already on the north side of the wall, and the heart trees used to be everywhere at one point. Most are cut down south of the wall. There are a lot more north of the wall. Apologies on the novel but I love the show and love listening to you girls, and sometimes guys talk about it. Great podcast!

    • Hey Angel! Thanks for listening! 🙂 Okay, so I watched the scene a bunch of times, and SPOILER COMING!!!!! you can see who did the first part, though we didn’t see when the cup was poisoned.

      THIS IS A BIG SPOILER AND IF YOU DIDN’T READ THE BOOK DO NOT LOOK AT THIS LINK!!! I found a Tumblr post that shows when the person did the first part (man, this is difficult to talk about without spoilers!)

      🙂 Really glad you love the show!!!

      • OH SNAP!!! This was amazing and thank you for sharing! Looks like I’ll be watching the episode for a fourth time.

  • ashagreyjoy

    I came across this handy guide showcasing the regional bastard surnames…feel free to click it’s not spoilery at all (unless you count random characters that probably wont be included in the show):

    • Ooh, this is great!!! I haven’t seen it before!

  • 4l3x T0rr3s

    hahaha. HE’S DEAD AT LAST

    To answer the question, that exchange between Brienne and Cersei doesn’t happen in the books.

    It’s easy for me. Dany is my favorite XD


  • Anna Pomaville

    Could Tywin or Cercei have killed Joffery? With him gone Cercei remains queen regent. Tywin’s agenda is his legacy, better Tommen than Joff as king; and if Jamie is kicked off the kingsguard he can be heir to Casterly Rock. Or, did Lady Olenna slip the poison to Sansa when they were chatting… so many options.

  • Trevor Sanders

    When is this podcast live? I checked at 10am Pacific, but it wasn’t on.

    • We were a little late on Monday. It’s usually 10am PST. Follow us on Twitter and we’ll tweet it out. 🙂 @jennabusch @tiffanystweets @clarekramer