Game of Thrones Recap & Review Podcast: S4 E4: Oathkeeper

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On today’s Game of Thrones recap and review we’ve got two book readers to chat about some of the surprises from last night’s episode.

Join Tiffany Smith (@TiffanysTweets), Jenna Busch (@JennaBusch), GeekNation Queen, Clare Kramer (@ClareKramer), and guest Clare Grant (@ClareGrant) as they talk Oathkeeper!

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  • Seth L. Ganier

    Hmm. For some reason, the latest episode is not loading properly at the moment. I shall drown in my own tears until the stars have aligned, and wrongs have been righted. My heart… hath broken… for now.

    • Any luck?

      • Seth L. Ganier

        I downloaded it and listened to it via Microsoft music, and it was fantastic as always! Not sure why it’s not loading on-site, but my heart hath been mended.

      • xShineyxDiverx

        On iTunes it’s not uploading really in my subscriptions.

  • ashagreyjoy

    I’m pretty sure the Night’s King reveal was the first book spoiler for the show seeping into future book territory…White Walker Fortress of Solitude?….WEIIIIIIIRD. My only nitpicky-nerd-rage-book purist moment was: GAHHHHHH!!! DIREWOLVES AREN’T STUPID ENOUGH TO FALL INTO A TRAP! SUMMER WOULD HAVE SENSED THAT FROM A MILE AWAY!!!!!!! HE EVEN AVOIDS A SIMILAR TRAP IN ONE OF BRAN’S WARG/WOLF DREAMS!!! ALSO A WOLF THE SIZE OF A HORSE WOULD NOT BE HELD BACK BY A CAGE MADE OUT OF WOOD!!! WHAT IS GOING ON!? IS THIS REAL LIFE!!!?!?!?????

    If you’re too worried about being sucked into the spoiler world of wiki of ice and fire, here’s a DVD extra, Narrated by Ygritte telling the story of the Night’s King (as always, beware of youtube spoilers in the comments):


    • That is awesome!!! Glad you posted it! And I totally agree about the direwolves. 🙂

    • Yeah, Ghost being captured I don’t really buy. I’m okay with Summer getting trapped just because I’m guessing Bran doesn’t fully understand all of Summer’s senses. That make sense? At least that’s what I told myself. Thanks for the post, its great!

      • ashagreyjoy

        I know what you mean, I guess I could use my suspension of disbelief to rationalize that Bran wasn’t paying full attention because he just warged into Summer, and basically ran full force towards the crying without really thinking. Also I might be wrong, but I thought that Ghost ran off with Sam in Gilly last season…or didn’t he? I know that in the books at this point Ghost is with Jon and only goes off beyond the wall to hunt after Jon fully recovers from his injuries…I’m just really confused with all the North/Beyond The Wall stuff.

        • BOOK SPOILERS!!

          No you’re right, Ghost is with Jon at this point in the book. One thing I do wish they would do on the show are all the direwolf dreams that Jon and Arya have.

          • ashagreyjoy

            SPOILER CONTINUES!!:

            Right, I thought so. Oh, me too…I really hope that the show includes Arya warging into Nymeria while she’s pulling LSH out of the water before BWB. I have a feeling they wont include that, though…which is disappointing. Seems too late now.

          • YESYESYES to this!!!

  • Damightymite

    Dang, it’s not loading for me. 🙁

  • Marcus Townsend

    As far as the necklace being recognized as the object of the poison…In last weeks episode, little finger smashed one of the crystals and dropped the necklace into the boat with Ser Dontos’ body.When someone finds the body, they’ll also find the poison necklace. There where also plenty of witnesses in the alleys of Kingslanding who witnessed Ser Dontos fleeing with Sansa.

  • Tommen’s scene was one of my favorite scenes of the season. I mean as someone who was a 13 year old boy, that was pretty awesome. The actor did a great job and it was a joy to see Ser Pounce.
    Grey Worm and Missandei’s relationship reminds me of Jaime and Brienne. They seem to have a strong connection. Seriously,

    Peter Dinklage knocks every one of his scenes out of the park. It was nice to see the brotherly love that we don’t always see in the books.
    I think I’m more pissed that they stabbed Hodor than Cersei getting raped. Is that weird?
    Yeah, its odd that Ghost is captured, that was the only questionable thing from the episode for me. Bran and the gang getting captured is just added suspense and gives us another character to not like. I think that creepy mutineer is all talk, but we’ll see if he can walk the walk when Jon gets there. I do like the potential reunion of Bran and Jon. All you Bran haters just don’t understand. 🙁 I love Bran and the gang. Having Locke go under cover was great and adds another dynamic to the story.

    I think people who are complaining that the book is being spoiled need to chill. That last scene was amazing!! My friends and I were freaking out because the Others are such a mystery. Did you notice the 12 other white walkers just standing in the background? Are they the white walker council or something?

    Its not easy to take over ones body. Any sane person would reject Bran. At least Bran isn’t strong enough to overpower someone’s mind. He was able to take over Hodor because Hodor is a simpleton and didn’t put up much resistance. SPOILER ALERT!! There is a chapter in the book where a wildling attempts to do this but is kicked out by the person, but I think he tries again and succeeds. I would have to look it up to be 100% accurate but it was something like that. WHERE IS COLDHANDS??!!

    • ashagreyjoy


      Yes, I think that’s the Prologue of ADWD, with Varamyr Sixskins warging into a Spear Wife that helped him when he was injured. I remember this because that really messed me up, it was a really traumatizing chapter because all she does is scream and claw at her head and face. It’s also very taboo specifically in Wildling Culture, to warg into another person. It’s seen as a violation of that person’s body, basically like a rape of that person’s mind/body/soul and Wargs and Skinchagers who attempt/do it are hated and feared. So basically what Bran is doing is an abomination to them. As for Coldhands, there’s a popular fan theory that Coldhands is The Night’s King…which I actually believed myself until this episode. Now I have no idea who Coldhands is…and I don’t think he’s going to show up at all.

  • Caccis

    Man i would just love they would have done House of Undying right in TV-series s2. The prophecy told there is just so big thing that like have told all the huge thing that have happened in the series that have some connection to Dany.

    • I think they didn’t show everything because it would have given away too much information for people watching the show.

  • ashagreyjoy

    I really enjoyed the Littlefinger/Sansa interaction, it was probably my favourite scene after Tommen, Marg and Ser Pounce. I think I’ve been able to separate Showfinger vs. Bookfinger for my enjoyment of the show…and I realize that they are completely different. Bookfinger, would NEVER wax poetically about his schemes and plans to anyone…let alone in a brothel to his employees, or to go around telling Cercei that he’s aware of her incestuous relationship with her brother…”Knowledge is power, Cercei…I’m threatening you…what are you gonna do, huh?”, it might be more difficult to show how manipulative and how big of a part he plays in the game without making him so obviously “moustache-twirly”, I suppose…which explains Showfinger. So to me, this scene was not out of character at all…and is actually pretty true to Littlefingers characterization on the show. I also think this was more of him testing Sansa and her intelligence more than anything. He wanted to see what she could pick up from what she knows…and he wanted to gently guide her into fearing…and also seeing him a protector at the same time. Littlefinger is a master manipulator as well, and I think this is that start of him trying to teach Sansa to do the same…but at the same time…manipulating her to his advantage. If that makes any sense. I’m looking forward to more “Creeper Uncle Peytr” in the future.

  • xShineyxDiverx

    In ASoS it’s alluded to that Crasters sons are turned into the white walkers. A woman next to Gilly tells Sam that his brothers are coming to get him. This is just another thing the show is taking and expanding something alluded to. I dug it heavily.

  • xShineyxDiverx

    In regards to the Night’s King–there were 13 dudes all in BLACK in that scene. It was sooooo good.

  • Andres

    Still not working

  • Jake B

    i took a different view of the whole dany situation. my fear, which popped into my head last week & was solidified this week, is about her overall strategy of taking out all the masters & what that means if she decides to continue this course. if she expects to rule westeros, she’s going to need to keep some of these noblemen around because she’s going to need people who know how to run things. if you kill everybody off, there’s no one left to run the show and micromanage the different fiefs/kingdoms. i just worry that she’s gonna go all crazy on everyone in westeros for retaliation against the deaths in her family, regardless of whether they had anything to do with things in the first place. maybe it’s just her strategy for gathering her army and she’ll switch things up once getting to westeros, but that is my concern right now. (if you’re going to respond please no book spoilers, i’m bucking my usual trend and staying away from the books on this one)

  • Rusty Patti

    The best squire since Egg and the truest knight since Ser Duncan the Tall hitting the road is my favorite.

    Jamie’s first instinct was to chuck a kid out a window – he’s not redeemable for me no matter how many “awwwwws” he chalks up.

    There’s such thing as “eventually consensual”; that phrase rates right up there with “rape, rape”

  • 4l3x T0rr3s

    Both Jorah and Barristan go into Meeren through the sewers. They go in there because of reasons XD.

    I agree with Clare. She wanted it.

    Getting into Hodor is one thing, because Hodor doesn’t really fight it. But other people would and in the books there is a precedent of an experienced warg getting into a person that fights and it doesn’t end well, and Bran is not experienced, he’s just starting, I think it would have been worse that doing nothing.

    I hate spoilers because I want to be surprised when things happen. I have unfollowed people on twitter because of their tendency to post spoilers