Game of Thrones Recap & Review Podcast: S4 E7: Mockingbird

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Join Clare Kramer (@clarekramer), Jenna Busch (@JennaBusch), and special guest Adrianne Curry (@AdrianneCurry) for a discussion about Moon Door safety and Inigo Montoya imitations in our recap and review of Season 4 episode 7, “Mockingbird.”

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  • Seth L. Ganier

    Great podcast. I personally feel as though the Mountain is a great cast, and at the same time, I’ve seen pictures of him on-set when he’s smiling, having a good time… so I sort of have trouble seeing him as this evil brute, haha.

  • fmiii

    Definitely 3 different actors playing The Mountain.

    From GoT wiki…

    “Gregor Clegane is a recurring character in the first, second and fourth seasons. He was originally played by guest star Conan Stevens and debuts in “Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things.” Stevens was replaced byIan Whyte, who had already appeared in the series in other roles, for the second season. In Season 4 he will be potrayed by Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson.”

    Personally I thought Stevens was great in Season 1, but Björnsson certainly embodies “The Mountain That Rides”…

  • fmiii

    Had Tywin ever met Arya before Harrenhall? He didn’t arrive in Kings Landing until after Arya had escaped, and I can’t imagine he would have ever visited Winterfell, so it seems unlikely that he would have “recognized” her as Arya Stark. I’m pretty sure he realized she was more than what she seemed, but not specifically the daughter of Ned Stark…

    • Tosha Cook Ncics

      I don’t think Tywin knew who she was before Harrenhall Unless the book readers know something we don’t know.

    • ashagreyjoy

      No, he never met her in the books…and definitely not before Herrenhall on the show. I don’t think he recognized her at all/or had an incling to who she may be…nothing based on knowledge of the future, I just think if he had he would have taken her hostage right then and there. He even scolded Cercei for “letting” her escape when he got to King’s Landing.

    • He didn’t know she was Arya, he knew she was high born. Arya played it off as though not high born but well educated. Otherwise Tywin would have taken her back to Kings Landing. I do think Littlefinger recognized her but I’m sure he would have approached her at some point so maybe he didn’t

  • Seth L. Ganier

    The vision of the red wedding was in A Clash of Kings, seen by Daenerys when she was in the House of the Undying. I think they decided to keep it out because of the visual medium. It’s written in a clever way that makes it seem like a man with a wolf’s head–holding a king’s scepter–was sitting on his throne surrounded by congealed blood and limbs and heads. When I read the sequence, it really made me think, “Oh cool, so a Stark conquers his/her enemies and totally takes the throne!” And then… well, we know what happened.

  • Pat Sponaugle

    The Moon Door was entirely just a means of execution, and not an entrance into the Eyrie. (Okay, maybe it was there for the view too.)

    Tyrion (and maybe Sansa) did come up in a basket, but it was not up through the Moon Door, which in the books was literally a door opening up to the outside, and not a hatch in the floor. Since turnips came up with Tyrion, the winch, pulley, basket would be in a part of the castle where you’d expect turnips and supplies to come up through, not the throne room.

    • Yeah, that was the other option other than riding a mule I think.

  • Yeah – the new Gregor Clegane is huge, but I agree that he doesn’t look scary in this incarnation to me. Is it too much to ask to find an utterly amazing actor who also happens to be 7′ of terrifying muscle? 😉

  • ashagreyjoy

    Great episode! Adrianne was a great guest..she had me LOL’ing a lot, especially at the “SS Merkin”.

    This was probably my favourite episode of the season, but my opinion is biased since I’ve been waiting for the snowcastle and “Only Cat” since I read the books.

    – Lollys mention! When I heard that name drop in the middle of the Bronn/Tyrion scene I looked around my living room (which was empty besides me) and said “Did you hear that!?” to my cat. I’m a weirdo who loves it when they include secondary background characters. I flipped out over Fat Walda as well in the beginning of the season…but she’s sooooooo cute! I agree and think they might include Bronn in the series to some degree (maybe he’ll continue training/sparing with Jaime?) since the character is such a fan favourite.

    – Which brings me to Ilyn Payne. Bronn replaced that role in Jaime’s training (it was Payne in the books) but the actor is sick from cancer, and as respect to him the showrunners didn’t want to re-cast him. It was a good solution to fix that and include more Bronn.

    – Pod is Ilyn’s cousin, I think…they’re distant relatives.

    – HOT PIE!!! (more secondary character excitement). I’m glad they got Brienne’s arc back to where it needs to be, the whole going to The Wall to look for Sansa thing didn’t work for me. Apparently The Wall is the new vacation hotspot! What I love about Brienne is that she really is the “Truest Knight” in the entire series, and she is looking for Sansa to rescue her, it just gives me feelings. Also the parallels of Brienne & Pod and Dunk & Egg travelling through Westeros is also really awesome. I know a lot of book readers were bored with Brienne chapters because they felt like nothing happened through most of it (myself included)….but I have high hopes for the TV show and adding bits to enrich it. I still want more “Ser, M’lady”.

    – JSnow should use Robb as a cautionary tale to see what happened when you keep your direwolf locked up and not near you. I know he doesn’t know the details (mostly me being silly)…but oh boy…look…you guys are dropping like flies and you need all the protection you can get and a giant horse sized wolf is good protection!

    – I loved that Tyrion and Oberyn scene. The subtle emotion that Peter was giving off during that story really got to me and I think this performance was in some ways (especially emotionally) more impressive. I also really liked the subtle change in Pedro’s acting, how well he switched from joking and being sexy and smooth to revenge. Probably one of the best scenes.

    – Snowcastle! Snowcastle! Nice touch including the Winterfell theme/musical score in the background while Sansa was building…also really rude. Thanks, show. The kiss…yeah…it was equally as gross as I thought it would be. Sansa definitely pulled away much quicker and even struggled a bit, and I agree that she leaned in for it a bit. It’s Littlefinger, so I can rationalize it by his manipulation of Sansa, and taking advantage of her sensitive state at that moment. Maybe she took comfort in it for just a few moments.

    – Yes, Sweet Robin…not only does he pee his bed, he’s also suppose to be epileptic. I wonder why they choose not to show those fits?

    – Okay…my only nitpick which is probably going to sound really stupid and whinny…but why “Your sister.” and not “Only Cat.”? I was literally holding my breath waiting for that line. My friend pointed it out to me that perhaps a lot of casual show watchers wouldn’t remember/know who “Cat” was…I dunno…I was just disappointed and have more faith in casual watchers to put two in two together.

    – I guess I’ll never be satisfied with Daario unless he is ridiculously flamboyant. I do think newDaario is more physically attractive. It’s all a matter of personal taste and opinion. I agree that his personality and demeanour is very toned down. He’s a completely different person in the show.

    Two weeks…ugh…nooooooo.

    • Tosha Cook Ncics

      The actor who plays new Daario use to be on ABC’s Nashville and I’ve heard he is also in Orphan Black, so when he drop the pants I expected him to break out with his guitar and sing a song first before he knocked Dany’s boots…LOL!!! I like him don’t get me wrong but NO Bring back the old Daario.

      • ashagreyjoy

        I’m really enjoying him on Orphan Black, but I didn’t know he was on Nashville (probably because I’ve never seen it). Hahahaha, that’s awesome, though…he does have that lumberjack/cowboy kinda look on those other shows (I’m probably projecting my Orphan Black image of him…pretty hot)…maybe that’s why he doesn’t quite fit the pretty boy aesthetics of Daario as a character? He is very rugged.

  • Mike Brenkus

    Clare, I never thought that Tywin could’ve help plot Joffrey’s demise, but it does make a lot of sense, especially considering how quickly he “helped” everyone move on afterwards, and how much more power he currently has. I’m buying your theory! Adrianne.. don’t crush our dreams if we’re wrong! 😀

  • HyperJ

    So you think the white walkers are CG? You would be wrong. Here are some pictures of the make-up:

    There are some CG enhancements (the eyes of course), but it is 95% practical makeup.

    • Yeah I’m guessing they meant the army of white walkers at the end of season 2?

  • Dez Blackworm

    Arya has a swagger about her now and she’s sounding more and more like Jaqen H’ghar each day with her “Nothing isn’t better or worse than anything…nothing is just nothing.” <3 When she and the hound left that scene, she just walked off all like "well…let's go kill some more sh*t and get this gold!"

    When I first saw old Daario; the first thing that came out of my mouth was "Drogo; close your eyes in the night lands, but this dude is totally gonna bang Daenerys!" He just oozed that assholery that all women secretly desire, with that smile. He kinda had buck teeth but they were like NICE buck teeth, you know? All straight and white! He was kind of like a mix between Legolas and Billy D Williams; an ultra confident lady's man but if he had to kill you, he was going to do so in an epic fashion.

    New Daario feels like the Eric Bana of Essos. He's like a Black Hawk Down kind of dude, or Pacific Rim or something. I know he had that role in Nashville, but he just seems like a Nashville sort of guy. He should be singing songs about his dog running away, his cheating ass wife and his truck always fu*#ing up on him; not making rent and whatnot. I don't know; I'm just not buying it. (Now watch old Daario look totally out of place in the Transporter series. Go figure!)

    What I AM buying though is Adrianne's buttery smooth voice! On my insomniac nights; I'd pay for her to just read 'A Song of Ice and Fire' to me.:-) Please bring her back.

    Funniest/saddest moment of this episode for me was the look on Lysa Arryn's face…that smile (as she thought for a second that Littlefinger was meaning her) fade to "Aw damn" as he went all Leonidas on her ass. Valar Morghuils..(and women too) 🙂

    We have to wait a fortnight to see what happens next?!?! Those cruel bastards!

  • Jake B

    the moondoor death was almost as satisfying to me as the joffrey death, she’s so creepy & that descriptions of death from the moondoor was so creepy, but how did she not see that coming? other than that and the arya/hound scenes which are always amazing, the tyrion/oberin scene was so great. as far as the dario debate goes- i did like the other dario better acting-wise, but i thought he looked too much like jaqen hagar, so it did confuse me a bit

  • Marcus Townsend

    In regards to people bitching about spoilers or TMI being shared during the podcast. Being someone who hasn’t read the books; I really dislike getting into conversations online about the show! If I speculate about what’s coming in the show (I’ve always been very good at speculating correctly about the direction the writing is going. Any time I join in a discussion about the show people get all “up in arms” (especially people who have read the books) about my sharing spoilers!! Just because I guess right! Um…Hello, I haven’t read the books, so HOW IN THE HELL is my speculation a SPOILER!

    • Cause obviously you have Melisandre foreseeing powers. Do you look into a fire before you write your comments?

  • 4l3x T0rr3s

    Arya is Stark to the core. She’s lots of times compared to Lyliana who had a similar nature. It’s Sansa who is more Tully than Stark.

    They changed the name of Theon’s sister no to confuse people but now they have book readers all confused XD.

  • Podcast Winterfell

    I’m sure the recasting of Daario was a ‘backdoor’ HBO favor to the actor (at least to get the audition and then his acting got him the role) because he was fantastic in Treme. As for the recasting of the mountain. The last two castings both looked much younger than Rory (the Hound) which defeats the older brother purpose every time I see them. Unfortunately the perfect casting was in fact the first season, but as I understand it he was only available for the first season due to filming for The Hobbit monstrosity.

    • Alfredo Marquez

      In which he was replaced by CGI.