Game of Thrones Recap & Review Podcast: S4 E9: The Watchers on The Wall

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This week is what I like to call the Man Maker/Breaker episode. In “The Watchers on the Wall,” men were indeed made and broken! And joining me to discuss all the “Game of Thrones” goodness and spoilers in the attack on the wall are my co-hosts Clare Kramer (@ClareKramer) & Jenna Busch (@JennaBusch). And we are joined by “Game of Thrones” aficionado Mr. Nathan Fillion (@NathanFillion)!

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  • Jose De La Torre

    When I heard Tiffany said “Nathan Fillion” I had to check the picture to make sure it was THE Nathan Fillion! Awesome Guest!!
    And to Mr. Fillion, “Captain”

  • Marcus Townsend

    I think Jamie, Varys and Shae will work together to help Tyrion escape to the wall. Tyrion at the Wall (Jamie does sarcastically mention helping Tyrion escape in the back of a cart… in an earlier episode.) will be the one to come up with the strategy to defeated the Wildlings. Of coarse that theory has some time line issues but… ( I haven’t read the books, so this is all wild speculation.)

  • Hey guys! Jenna here. As I said on the podcast, I’d love to know who’s death would be a deal breaker for you. Or will you watch no matter what? (Yeah, me too.)

    • I’ll watch no matter what. I’m a book reader so I know some things. Jon Snow is my favorite character and Ygritte’s death was tough. It hit me hard in the book but actually seeing it was devastating. The deaths just make me love the show more.

    • ashagreyjoy

      Sansa. I would flip ALL THE TABLES.

    • Benjamin Parker

      I’ll watch no matter what, but just like when they killed off that certain furry character in the (now void) Extended Star Wars universe, I won’t be happy about it and be grumpy and bitter for the rest of the series…

    • Will obviously still be watching but I think if they were to kill a fairly substantial character who is (currently) still alive in the books, that would annoy me. The Gendry stuff in Season 3 (?!) almost gave me a heart attack!

    • 4l3x T0rr3s

      If they killed Dany, I’d be VERY VERY upset. But I’d still keep on watching obviously XD

    • Dez Blackworm

      I don’t think it would neccecarily be a deal breaker… but if they killed off Dany…I’d really have to sit down and see just how much more of this s#*@ I can take. 🙂 The Ygritte death hit me harder than any other death for some reason. IDK if it was because I was hoping with all the madness going on, that she and Jon could escape somehow and take out a mortgage on a new cave somewhere far away and start a new life together. But that’s what I get for “hoping” something good would happen in this story. I seriously think we all are serious gluttons for pain watching this show.

    • Jose De La Torre

      For me it’s was prince Oberyn. The way and the meaning of his death completely changed the playing field. I was desensitized by his death that anything can happen and I’ll be ready for it. The one guy left for me is tyrion, but like what Kristian Harloff from schmoes know said on one of his reviews, “I don’t think they will kill him, but I won’t be surprised if they do.”

    • Great picks everyone! Did you hear that George R.R. Martin wants the seasons to have 13 episodes?

      • No but that would be amazing!! I’m sure he wants to stretch things out to have time to finish Winds, but I’m all for it.

  • ashagreyjoy

    Pyp and Grenn! Its like Irri and Rahkaro all over again for me (in terms of people that are still alive in the book, but killed off on GoT). I am sad…my poor secondary characters 🙁

    – I think giants have their own language, actually…they talk, just not the common tongue.

    – I don’t remember the hooks/chain in the book, but I could be wrong. They did drop oil and explosives, though.

    – Glad they kept it true to the books and had Yigritte’s last words as “You know nothing, Jon Snow.” Very well done death scene, and even as a jaded book reader, I did tear up a bit.

    – Arya never made it to The Eyrie, yes…she did get close to the veil…then…well…things happened.

    I think the closest things we go get to the typical fantasy hero/heroine in this series are Jon Snow and Dany. Frankly, I do enjoy their storyline…but they are far from my favourite. I think that’s why I love this series so much…all the gray! I love characters like Theon, Catelyn, Sansa, Asha/Yara, Jaime, Stannis…etc.

    (Unsullied, do not click on the image I’ve attached…I can’t figure out how to get rid of the preview)


    My finale predictions: We will get Jon treating with Mance, and I’m assuming there will be another attack with JSnow right in the middle, just outside the wall, then…Stannis will come. I was waiting on bated breath for those stag inside of a flaming heart banners…when it didn’t happen, I was disappointed, but remembering I do think that only happens after Jon treats with Mance anyway. Of course…Tyrion’s escape, and I think they will have the Tysha reveal as well. I also think we’re getting The Three-Eyed -Crow and the child of the forest “Leaf” (she was cast, remembering from the casting news a few months back)…cut to Tyrion’s revenge and murder of his father…fake out ending…BAM!!! LSH!!! I think this will be the biggest, supernatural/magical season finale we’ve had since the hatching of Dany’s dragons.

    I don’t remember where this is from, but I think someone got a preview look at the end of the season…Unsullied, DO NOT CLICK or even glance at the image!!!!!!:


  • The scythe was unexpected and amazing! I love the little surprises that the show gives us that aren’t in the books. The giants and mammoths were great to see. Jon’s sword fighting was amazing. It was great to see Jon standing toe to toe with the main Thenn. Alliser was a badass. Poor Pyp and Grenn. At least Grenn went out honorably. Sam finally mans up. Learning a little more about Aemon was a treat.

    When Jon got slammed into the anvil, did anyone get a flashback to Oberyn getting punched? I liked that he got a little roughed up before killing the Thenn. Also the fact that Jon spat in his face shows that he’s learning. Being honorable isn’t always the way to go. I loved that we stayed at the wall the whole time. I don’t think they could’ve done it any other way. Jon and Ygritte. 🙁 It was well done.

    YES!! That scene with Jaimie and Grey Wind is one of my favorites. So glad he brought that up!

    I don’t think Sansa was necessarily a coward, she was a hostage surrounded by her enemies. I agree with Jenna on Sansa. 🙂

  • 4l3x T0rr3s

    Captain! 😀

    So many tears for Ygritte :___(

    There’s been a lot of storylines that are already in book 4, like Dany and Theon. But a lot of them stil have a lot to do to finish book 3.

    Arya was never that close to the Blood Gate. I really don’t know what are they going to do to make the things that need to happen, happen.

    I love the releasing of Ghost scene! “I need him more than I need you” I was not aware what he was talking about until we got direwolf cam 😀

    Are you voicing over a videogame Nathan? 😀 Which videogame, I wouldn’t know.

  • HyperJ

    Re: Nathan’s comment about the ‘Jon Election’. I think he has the timeline from the books confused. That may still happen, but later.

  • Rusty Patti

    Yo, Cap’n Tightpants – Sansa is not a coward. That bit with Joffrey and Ned on a Stick – she was Houndblocked in both the book and show.

  • AMP

    Book readers: any chance Aemon’s youthful love was a young lady Olenna?

  • Eddie Mohan

    Thanks for the appreciation for the background work. Means a lot to all
    of us!