Game of Thrones Recap & Review Podcast: S5 E1: The Wars to Come

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The new host, Rachel True, kicks off this season with Brendon Cowles and Clare Kramer to talk about “The Wars to Come.”

  • David Johnson

    Alright about Jon Snows birth right situation. Ned talking to Jon on his way to the Wall says he will tell Jon about his mother when they meet again. Then while Ned & Robert the King are on the road to Kings Landing & talking Robert Brings up Ned’s Mistress during the war. Not positive but think he talks about Jon during the scene. On & I think Ygritte had Her way with Jon not the other way around. Which Even Though Jon Snow Knows Nothing it makes him One Lucky Bastard!!! Thought it was an Excellent Season Opener considering all they had to cover & Ep 2 might have a little more action but they still have more story threads to start. Now on to Podcast 2!!! EXCELLENT First Podcast Rachael, Brendon, & as always Claressi!!!! On No Photo Reenactment of a pivotal scene like last year????????

    • Great POV, David! You know your GoT, for sure! Thanks for listening!