Game of Thrones Recap & Review Podcast: S5 E2: The House of Black and White

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Rachel True is back this week to talk with Brendon Cowles and Clare Kramer about “The House of Black and White.”​

  • Jake B

    Having finally read the books in between the seasons , I love all the changes so far. Gives me even more faith in the writers going forward. Arya being my favorite, the initial house of black and white scene isn’t as cool as in the book, but Jaqen callback was nice touch & if it means we get more Arya than in the books during this time I’m all for it

    • Clare Kramer

      Arya is definitely one of my fav characters as well – and one of my favs that’s still alive. In true GoT fashion, I won’t allow myself to get too attached! But this season it seems to be about the evolution of the Stark girls thus far and the destruction of Cersi. Glad Brienne’s plot line has been modified as well, she was left wandering for far too many pages in the books at this point. I agree, house of B/W was a bit anti-climatic, but now that she’s back for round two and to become “faceless” I’m hopeful!

      • Jake B

        The reason I allow myself to be so attached to Arya is that, as of right now, she’s not really a player in the larger game. So I figure she’s about as safe as you can get

        • Exactly. She’s basically just figuring out life in general… Learning and understanding the bigger picture as she goes.

    • Completely agree. The books are amazing, but this is one of those rare occasions that venturing slight off from the original storyline offers huge rewards. Example: The books have Brienne wonderering aimlessly in the woods.

      • Jake B

        Agree, also keeping tyrion & varys together big plus vs books right now

        • Exactly! I’m digging these creative liberties.

  • Clare Kramer

    I agree Jake – although I didn’t read this far. I love the Arya divergence, as well as the Brienne compression of at least sighting the Stark girls. I actually didn’t mind this episode being mostly set-up again, because I think E3 will evolve many story lines in a big way. Plus, with both Lanaster Bros on road trips…. lot’s of fun to come. Excited to explore Dorn – since I’m still reeling from Oberyn’s death!

    • Oberyn’s death = saddest day of GoT.

  • Liz K Clark

    I just wonder what is really going to happen to Cersi this season. S1 – S3 she seems to be in total control, and I agree Clare, now she’s been relenquished to being the “king’s Mother.” I just can’t agree that they could kill her off! It would be such a huge void! Ahhhhhh. I hate her but I’d hate to see her go…. like an old country song. Shoot me.

    • It was so nice watching Cersi get a good tongue lashing! I loved it when he called her the “King’s Mother”… It’s the new ‘baby mama’.

  • Thomas Leath

    As someone who hasn’t read the books, I really enjoy watching the characters evolve. Jon Snow in particular continues to grow in spite of himself. I’m looking forward to seeing what he does in the future.

  • EJG

    Are there a ton of new people on the show? Not recognizing some.. Just getting ready to listen. Maybe you guys discussed this already.

    • hansolo

      There are nine new cast members this year.

      • Really? Meaning, that’s how many will get introduced throughout the season; Or there have already been 9 introduced?

  • David Johnson

    All the people Arya has traveled with are leading to Her being the Super Assassin! Shape Shifting will get Her close to Her Last 4 Targets. Even going No Name She will always know Shes a Stark. Oh & Lena Headey was the TV Sarah Connors!!! Think I’ll need to take notes next week to keep up with You 3!!!!