Game of Thrones Recap & Review Podcast: S5 E3: High Sparrow

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Rachel True and Clare Kramer recap the third episode of “Game of Thrones” season 5, “High Sparrow!”

  • David Johnson

    Cersie’s doctor Frankenstein has been picking up parts here & there since being given the Mountain. He really wanted the Dwarfs Head last week & said he could use it! Also poor Sansa going from one abusive relationship to what is most likely going to be a worse one with the Ex-bastard & they also showed his main Squeeze from last season. Shes just as crazy as He is (they hunted down the other girl in there little Menage a trois). I think Arya know she needs Needle to kill those on Her list properly. Just wondering if they’ll turn Her into a Shape Shifter who reveals Herself to Her Victim just before the act.Nothing I can really add the 2 of You dissect the episode really efficiently!!

    • SOOOO much could happen. This has been one of the better, more interesting parts of a season as far as building stories go.

      • David Johnson

        But the season is almost 1/3 done already!!!! Not to be mean but I hope the 2 Younger Stark Boys aren’t even in the Story Thread this year!

        • Clare Kramer

          I know – with only 10 episodes the season does go so fast! I actually missed the bit that he would be using the Dwarf Head from last week for part of the Mountain… ahhhh! But the second I saw the huge pile of body under the tarp I knew we were going to get our first hint of the Mountain since the battle. Best episode of the season so far! Loved it.

          • David Johnson

            He doesn’t say its for the Mountain, just that He can Use it!!! Can’t wait to see how the Mountain Looks when He returns! I may rewatch that section to get his exact wording!!

  • Thomas Leath

    Great episode! It’s hard to imagine Sansa’s union with Ramsay ending well. An even bigger twist is wondering if Theon might possibly do something to prevent it from happening. There’s definitely something going on there.

    • I’m really feeling a big win for her. Her character needs a big win.

    • David Johnson

      They also did a close up on Ramsey’s bat crap crazy GF when Sansa showed up!! My moneys on Brienne maybe finally saving someone!!

      • Liz K Clark

        Totally! Brienne needs a big win – and so does Sansa. Brienne doesn’t have the best track record for those she’s protecting…. dead, handless and rejected by the Starks. I want her to stick to Sansa and kick ass.

  • Liz K Clark

    The big debate seems to be where is Jorah going to take Tyrion? He said “the queen” – and at first I thought immediately he was referring to Danny, because he of course wants to win her back. HOWEVER, there’s the chance he’s going back to Cersi to collect his reward… I mean, Jorah probably doesn’t know that Margery is queen, and may still think Cersi is in power. The other thing is, if he’s taking Tyrion back to Danny, is it to align them???? Thoughts?

    • We just assumed Danny, but good point, It could very well be Cersi.

    • David Johnson

      Didn’t Danny say She’d have Him killed if He returned? My money is on Cersi but He has to get there, Jamie is on a road trip!!!

  • Steven J. Hunter

    Really interested to see where the Tommen/Margery wedding will go since that didn’t happen yet in the books. At least I don’t remember it.