Gecken: Ep 119: The One About Heroes, Dexter And Oliver, Stoned!

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In this episode, The Mayor’s having car troubles but Crix made it to the studio where she’s joined by pal Brea Grant to talk about her time on “Friday Night Lights,” “Heroes,” and “Dexter,” what it was like to be thrown around like a rag doll by Tyler Mane in Halloween II, as well as her award-nominated show “The Real Housewives Of Horror” and Oliver, Stoned. (on VOD August 4th) as well as her own podcast, Mystic Party, and what she’s been up to!

AND she confirms once and for all whether or not she’ll be on “Heroes: Reborn”!

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Show theme: Forest Punk Retro (Ch. 1 Warp Zone) by Danny Baranowsky for Super Meat Boy (Official Special Edition Soundtrack), available on iTunes!