Gecken: Ep 33: The One All About Comic Books (FINALLY)!

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In this episode, Crix and The Mayor make good on their promise with this super-sized episode that covers comic books and comic book movies! Join the Dynamic Duo as Gecken favorite Wes Calimer (Geek Hero) and first time guests Benjamin Dunn (Geek Hero/NerdTerns) and Jacqueline Lopez ( talk about comic books, comic book movies that work/don’t work, comic book IP’s they’d LOVE to see made into movies and just having a fanboy/fangirl good time all around!

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: If a studio gave you a sizeable budget to turn a comic book/graphic novel (that’s never been touched before) into a movie, which one would you pick and why? Leave in comments below!

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Show theme: Forest Punk Retro (Ch. 1 Warp Zone) by Danny Baranowsky for Super Meat Boy (Official Special Edition Soundtrack), available on iTunes!