Gecken: Ep 65: The One About The Game Boy, ‘The X-Files’ and ‘The IT Crowd’

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On this episode, Crix and The Mayor discuss the Nintendo Game Boy turning 25, Hulu finally getting the series finale of the U.K. hit “The IT Crowd,” the Flash Gordon remake moving ahead (with Imagine Dragons doing the soundtrack), the final film in The Hobbit series gets a name change, Mark Ruffalo and RDJ tweeting pics from The Avengers: Age Of Ultron set, the upcoming live-action movie starring the Easter marshmallow fave treat, Peeps, the prospect of J. Jonah Jameson appearing in an Amazing Spider-Man film, the upcoming comic mini-series from IDW, The X-Files: Year Zero (where we learn about the origins of the X-Files Unit) and who’s involved…and of course, “that scene” from last week’s “Game Of Thrones.”

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