Killer POV Ep 101: Wolf Like Me!

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Hosts Rob Galluzzo (Icons Of Fright), Rebekah McKendry (Fangoria) and Elric Kane (Inside Horror) kick off episode 101 with a report back from Texas Frightmare Weekend. Then they address some new changes and tweaks to the show format from here on out. But also, the latest horrors! Bekah saw ‘Extraterrestrial,’ the anthology doc ‘From A Whisper To A Scream’ & has been reading ‘We Have Always Lived In The Castle.’ Elric has started checking out other podcasts and reports back on his findings. He also finally sits down to see the 80’s slasher cult classic ‘Madman!’

Then we welcome special guest Eric Stolz, the screenwriter behind ‘Late Phases: Night of the Lone Wolf,’ one of our top horror films of last year. Eric talks about his love of werewolf films and the inspirations behind his take, his collaboration with director Adrian Garcia Bogliano and the unlikely yet inspired casting of Nick Damici. Then we talk all about werewolf films! Our favorites, best transformations, most effective attack scenes and more! Of course the classics are covered: ‘An American Werewolf In London,’ ‘The Howling,’ ‘The Wolfman.’ And tons of other titles are discussed from ‘Ginger Snaps’ to ‘Dog Soldiers’ to ‘Curse Of The Werewolf’ and many, many more. (Including TV werewolves!) Kick back and howl at the moon for Killer POV’s first all werewolf episode!

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  • RobertGalluzzo

    Here we go! Episode 101. New format, latest horrors, Texas Frightmare report and werewolves galore with LATE PHASES writer Eric Stolz! Hope you guys dig this one!

  • Jose

    Great episode like always big fan of Late Phases the movie with an awesome score. I can dig it

    • RobertGalluzzo

      Thanks Jose! Later today, we’re posting a few pages of the script that Eric gave up on our Facebook page! Should be fun to look at!

    • Glad you’re enjoying the show and thanks for commenting.

  • Keith Richardson

    Whoever said the show is too long needs a kick to the nuts.

    • The more the better!

      • Can’t believe people would push for it to be SHORTER! I drive about 40 mins a day, and between this and the Movie Crypt, I have a lot of driving entertainment covered! Then again, I haven’t quite finished this ep yet, so maybe the shorter format might be great.

  • zero2815

    Hey really love the show don’t listen to those hipster haters on ITunes. If they don’t like the length thats on them. OK now about this episode have you guys seen I believe it’s a tales from the dark side episode? Where a dad keeps his son locked up and you don’t know why until his mom shows up and rips open the door and they both end up being werewolves. Once again keep up the good work you really bring joy to this horror fans heart. P.S. I’m with you Elric. Eli Roth is a overrated hack.

    • Thanks for supporting the show, in addition to the feedback… It’s always nice to hear!

    • RobertGalluzzo

      Ohhhhh…. on the hunt now for that TALES episode! Thanks for the tip! And for listening!

      • zero2815

        Found it! Its really good I was just a little guy when I saw it and this episode is the only one that really stuck in my brain I can still picture the the whole episode. 85 16 “The Family Reunion” May 22, 1988
        A man guards his sick son closely and has sole custody, while the boy’s worried mother desperately wants to be reunited with her child.
        Written by Edithe Swensen, directed by Tom Savini, and guest-starring Patricia Tallman.

  • I think the real question on everyone’s mind is, when talking to William Sadler, did you ask about Disturbing Behavior?? 😉 (Actually a film I am stupidly fond of!)

    • RobertGalluzzo

      Holy smokes. I totally forgot he was in that movie! (Which I also rather like!) Alternate ending on the DVD (with the Trent Reznor joke) is hilarious.

      • Haha, finally found someone else who didn’t hate it! If you folks get Sadler on, it’ll be a crime not to bring it up! Imagine how different it would have been with that ending and the deleted scenes left in? But they made a smart choice on the ending, leaving the door open for the inevitable sequel… any day now… 😉

  • Travis Larsen

    Hey guys long time listener first time commenter. Just wanna say how in love with this show I am and that I look forward to it every week. You guys are hilarious, knowledgeable, inspiring and fun. I can’t tell you how many awesome horror movies you’ve turned me on to and I feel like ive gotten to know all three of you so well over the past 101 episodes and even though I can’t respond it really feels like you guys are the horror friends I never had and for that I’m very grateful. I loved the episode and I just caught up with Late Phases which was awesome and it’s so great to be able to hear people involved talk about these great little movies. I have a request though. I love when it’s just the three of you talking about a topic or when just a close friend joins you like Brian Collins and you guys just talk about everything with no real guest. I know you’ve been talking about doing another debates episode and I would truly love for you to do something like that again. I love hearing your guests but I also love hearing you guys answer questions and giving recommendations or passionately defending movies and stuff. Anyways I’ll quit rambling I just wanted to share my love for the show, keep doing what you’re doing and keep the episodes as long as you want. I love every minute of them.

    • Great feedback, Travis! Very much appreciated! Glad you’re enjoying the show and we very much appreciate your support!

  • Mike Cadaver

    Yeah… I agree… the show needs to be as long is it needs to be. I’m always shocked that people make such nit-picky critiques about free entertainment. Plus… @RobertGalluzzo:disqus , don’t take any negative responses personally. The internet is a shitty place, which I’m sure you know. Accept the compliments, maybe accept the constructive criticisms (which I have none because I like the show the way it is), but don’t let folks bum you out… not worth it

    • Not to mention, many that are new to podcasts don’t realize that a 2 hour podcast is not unusual at all. It’s very normal and it’s one of the things that separates this particular medium from all others.

    • Thanks for the support and the kind words, Mike.

    • Dennis Atherton

      Well said Mike. I with you

  • punkronn

    Great Episode guys! a podcast i love not on Geek Nation that you guys would dig is The ScreamCast which started out as a scream factory podcast but they now cover films from other boutique labels as well..great podcast check it out..:) p.s. the show is not too long.

  • Shad Youngblood

    I went to Spooky Empire last weekend and saw Robert Kurtzman. He was selling copies of “Late Phases” and now I wish I’d bought one. Great episode and I agree that the shows should not be shorter. I listen to them on my commute and they make the time go by so much faster. There was an episode of “Monsters” about a werewolf I remember being pretty good. “Werewolf of Hollywood” was the name I believe.

    • Thanks Shad! I agree about the length… I’m going to try my best to convince them to keep it as is.

  • Dennis Atherton

    I’m glad you survived Texas without being Chainsawed

    On the length of the podcast. Please carry on as you do. Don’t change a thing, let the podcast run as long as it needs, if people want a shorter podcast then they can just listen to half, I want the longer directors cut everytime as do all of us fans
    On Demon Knight, damn Rob you are going to have a blast, its amazing, its so much fun it’s almost illegal.
    It was great hearing from Eric, I loved Late Phases, the “People don’t come here to live, they come here to die” line is fantastic, and the Charles bronson style I totally picked up on too. And practical effects was perfect for this movie,
    Great work guys though could of been longer 😉

    • Well welcome to geekdom, Dennis! Thanks for the support and all the comments!

  • Inkshooter

    Ginger Snaps is just… THE best! I have the poster, the collector’s Blu-Ray, and the other two films, as well. It’s fantastic!

  • Inkshooter

    Ginger Snaps is freaking great, I loved it and the sequel in high school, still love it now that I’m in college… I even have a GS poster on my wall!
    Something about the tragic characterization of the sisters struck a chord with me. Long live Brigitte!

    • David Johnson

      I have turned at least a dozen people onto Ginger Snaps. Only sad thing is none of the sequels have lived up to it.

  • Dennis Atherton

    Ps, Now as Elric knows what Scissoring is im sure the band the Scissor Sisters has a totally new meaning 😉

  • Dean

    Great episode, I do love me a Werewolf movie, one of the better Werewolf transformation sequences recently along with Late Phases, would be the transformation in Hemlock Grove, very creative take on the metamorphosis sequence.

    • Agreed. If I had to make a choice, I’ll take werewolves over vampires any day.

  • a0713mp

    I’m late to the game in being a listener to the show. I started at episode 69 (hey now!) and have been hooked ever since. The length has never been an issue and I’m a little sad to hear of a shorter format, but, having said that, I feel a little selfish with wanting more from you guys seeing as how you don’t get paid to bring one great show after another week after week. If a half hour less recording means you have a half hour more doing something else in your day, then there shouldn’t be any complaints from anyone. However, if there will ever be another drunken debates show you will have to follow the 7th rule of Fight Club. No exceptions. As for future guests, I would love to hear you grill Tim Thomerson, Jeffery Combs, Jeff Burr, Jeffery Reddick (what’s with all the Jeff’s?), Heather Langenkamp, Linnea Quigley, el Katz, the list goes on. Future topics can also include favorite dvd/blu ray commentaries, disturbing horror, feel good horror (they exist), lost horror, demonic films, chainsaw massacre/wrong turn type films, and television horror. Again, thank you guys for the awesome content you consistently put out and I look forward to another 100 episodes.

  • Ricky Morgan

    I say you guys do whatever you feel, don’t let the clock run YOU. you could be knee deep in something cool and then say,” Well that’s our show, Goodbye”, and that will suck. Also loved Late Phases, not my favorite werewolves, but a cool story. Rock On!

  • Dennis Atherton

    Epic episode. Late phases was one of my films of the year. Its my type of horror, cheers again guys