Killer POV Ep 118: Twilight Time Too!

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This week on Killer POV, your hosts Rob Galluzzo, Rebekah McKendry ( and Elric Kane welcome returning guest Nick Redman from Twilight Time! But first, the latest horrors! Rob saw Eli Roth’s latest ‘The Green Inferno,’ which prompted him to also watch ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ and ‘Cannibal Ferox.’ He also checked out ‘Cooties.’ Elric got to see ‘Black Mass,’ the pilot for ‘Freddy’s Nightmares’ directed by Tobe Hooper, ‘Cub’ and ‘Nightmare.’ Bekah’s been catching up on ‘American Horror Story’ in prep for the new season ‘Hotel.’

Then we bring on Nick Redman to talk about how the business has changed since his appearance last year, the continued popularity of ‘Fright Night’ & which directors are the most receptive to their releases. We also get the scoop on all the Twilight Time upcoming releases including ’10 To Midnight,’ John Carpenter’s ‘Vampires,’ ‘Count Yorga, Vampire,’ ‘Scream & Scream Again,’ ‘Strange Invaders,’ ‘Black Widow’ and many more!

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  • Dennis Atherton

    Cheers gang and Nick

    Great fun, I recently watched 10 to Midnight, its a fun film and the ending is really good when you first see it, its good to hear Nick talking so frank about business and I do feel also that Arrow video who I do love are a bit “Cheeky” distributing over there and being a Brit I am a little upset it makes buisness tougher for Twilight time and Scream Factory, I also have a region free so even though I support Arrow i also support Twilight and Scream factory, Me and Rob will never have any money!
    On Nightmares in a Damaged Brain Savini actually Sued them over the movie and won, you can research it online, it really interesting,

    Lastly big Congratulations on the Blumhouse website, it looks great, loads of good columns to read all a bit different, I’ve read them all, looking good guys
    Best Dennis

  • Dennis Atherton

    I’m just re listening to the podcast

    On John Carpenters Vampires I actually enjoy that movie, I really like a spiky James Woods, just like in Vampires, Cats eye and in Best Seller,