Killer POV Ep 120: Guinness, Tales of Halloween & Barbara Crampton!

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Get ready for one of the most epic episodes of Killer POV yet! Bekah’s representing at a convention, so this week, hosts Rob Galluzzo ( and Elric Kane (Inside Horror) are joined by special guest host Kevin LeHane, the writer of ‘Grabbers!’ We talk about his movie history, then discuss Beyond Fest films including ‘The Devil’s’ and ‘The Mind’s Eye.’ Elric and Kevin saw ‘Final Girls,’ Elric also watching the new ‘Walking Dead’ and ‘Murder Party.’ Kevin praises ‘Turbo Kid.’ And Rob finally saw ‘Demon Knight,’ and reports back from screenings of ‘Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein’ and ‘The Monster Squad!’

Then we welcome directors Dave Parker and Mike Mendez to talk about their new anthology film ‘Tales Of Halloween!’ If that’s not enough, we then welcome horror royalty and scream queen legend Barbara Crampton into the mix! We talk ‘Re-Animator,’ working with Stuart Gordon and Rob Zombie. And the whole gang discusses Halloween traditions and favorite costumes. We’ve got everything for you in this episode!

  • Kenny log-ins

    Why is it that whenever Rebekah is away there’s always a hot iconic female guest in the studio???

    • RobertGalluzzo

      We plan it that way! 😉

      • Dennis Atherton

        Nice work

  • David Johnson

    Excellent Show, a buddy of mine today & one of His complaints about Tales of Halloween was that Barbara Crampton didn’t really interact with Stuart Gordon during Her segment!!!

    • RobertGalluzzo

      She’s right, because of the wig, I barely recognize that it’s her! She’s so lovely though.

  • zero2815

    Hey Rob, check out the honeymoon on netflix. It’s real a good alien abduction movie with great acting.

    • RobertGalluzzo

      On my queue! Looking forward to it!

  • Shad Youngblood

    I loved Tales of Halloween. My only complaint is that I wanted more of some of the stories! Barbara Crampton is amazing, I met her once and she was so nice to me and all the fans.

    • RobertGalluzzo

      Gets better on repeat viewings!

      • Shad Youngblood

        I’ve seen it three times now! I can’t wait for part two!

  • Dennis Atherton

    Barbara is even nicer in real life, what a lovely guest, my Re-animator Bluray Steelbook is a work of Art, I posted it on Twitter, it my favourite Bluray I own, Demons 1 and 2 Steelbook from Arrow comes a close second, Kevin is right about Turbo Kid, its really great

    I loved Tales of Halloween, it was great to see you guys all doing little cameos and even little Marnie, cant wait to own it on bluray