Killer POV Ep 123: Reminiscing Fangoria!

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On this week’s Killer POV, join hosts Rob Galluzzo (, Elric Kane (Inside Horror) and Rebekah McKendry ( as they reminisce with former FANGORIA editor-in-chief Tony Timpone! But first, the latest horrors! The gang recaps their Halloween screenings. Elric caught the New Beverly all nighter which kicked off with ‘Fright Night 2,’ ‘Messiah Of Evil’ and ‘I Bury The Living.’ Rob popped into the Secret Sixteen screening and saw ‘Silver Bullet,’ while Elric caught ‘The Entity.’ Bekah watched ‘Horror Express,’ ‘Don’t Go In The Woods’ an ‘Night Flier.’ And Rob reports back on ‘Deathgasm!’

Then we bring onto the show FANGORIA’s Tony Timpone, who started on the mag back with issue 49 in 1985 and managed it for over 20 years, including moderating panels at Fangoria Weekend of Horrors conventions and selecting films as part of the Fantasia Film Festival. We delve into his whole history breaking into the biz, his mentor Forrest Ackerman, the early days of the conventions and the changes he witnessed in the genre during his Fangoria run. Lots of ground is covered in this candid and lengthy chat with one of our own mentors and horror heroes. Kick back and enjoy!

  • Dennis Atherton

    What a great guest, Now and again you guys bring in someone and after two mins you got me instantly, no wonder he got 7 promotions in 7 weeks! Being a horror fan is hard sometimes as I try to explain to people why i love horror and why im watching all 10 Friday the 13th or all 7 Texas Chainsaw movies (RIP Gunnar) and they just dont get it! I know you guys do and so does Tony, Brilliant fun

    Im gonna pull back my curtain here and make you laugh. The short version is I am a Wildlife Photographer and I do talks onstage about my travels, last night I was Onstage doing a talk and someone asked a random question to which I answered “Yes, We’re gonna get to that!” Robs words coming outta my mouth, lol, without even thinking, I have been infected by you guys, I was trying to keep on track but was smiling to my answer that noone else would understand