Killer POV Ep 124: It’s Friday The 13th!

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It’s Friday the 13th on Killer POV and your hosts Rob Galluzzo (, Elric Kane (Inside Horror) and Rebekah McKendry ( are ready to celebrate in style! But first, the latest horrors! Lots of TV talk this week as the entire gang has been catching up on ‘Ash Vs Evil Dead,’ ‘American Horror Story: Hotel,’ ‘iZombie’ and ‘Dark Net.’ Movie wise, Elric saw Eli Roth’s latest ‘Knock Knock,’ Kristy,’ ‘Southbound’ and ‘Last Shift.’ Bekah catches us up on ‘Supernatural’ and ‘Krull.’ Rob checked out a few new Scream Factory releases ‘Ghost Story,’ ‘White Of The Eye’ and ‘Blood & Lace,’ as well as the new 4K restoration of ‘Blue Sunshine.’

Then the group welcomes on their very special guests: from ‘Friday The 13th Part 3,’ he played Shelly and is now one of the top entertainment lawyers in the biz, Larry Zerner! Also on the show, former FEARnet scribe and the author of ‘Curious Goods: Behind The Scenes of Friday The 13th The Series’ Alyse Wax! We talk about the making of Friday 3, the continued popularity of the franchise, our personal favorites, the cult following of the show and much more! This episode is all you need to survive this unlucky day!

  • Shad Youngblood

    Great to hear from Larry Zerner. I wish he would do more conventions, I think lots of people would like to meet the man who gave Jason his mask. I can’t wait to read “Curious Goods”. I watched that show every week for its whole run. I wish they could do a reunion movie or mini-series for Netflix. Thanks for the great Friday the 13th episode!

  • Dennis Atherton

    Epic guys, I knew it would be fun with Larry on the show, he is a great fun person, I did not know how he got that famous role, thats a great story,

    I just ordered Alyse’s book, luckilly it is also for sale on I posted on Twitter a picture, I own the entire Collection of Fridays Curse as it is called in the UK on VHS, along with all the Friday the 13th on VHS and also on Bluray and dvd, thats a lot of Friday the 13th films I own so Curious Goods will sit nice in my Collection, Fridays Curse collection all originals must be quite rare, I don’t know anyone else who has them

    Ps Elric, you cant just drop info on me like you now like Eli Roth without warning, I thought I had just gone over into The Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits, Don’t mess with my mind like that