Killer POV Ep 125: Hail To The Sandy King

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This week on Killer POV, join hosts Rob Galluzzo (, Elric Kane (Inside Horror) and Rebekah McKendry (editor in chief at as they delve into all the latest horrors! Rob reports back on Arrow’s Blu-Ray release of ‘Eaten Alive,’ Scream Factory’s ‘Blood & Lace’ & the much talked about new indie flick ‘Goodnight Mommy.’ Both him and Elric revisited ‘Jason Goes To Hell’ together. Elric watched ‘Ghost Story’ & gives his thoughts on the latest Bret Easton Ellis podcast with Eli Roth. Bekah checked out ‘Forbidden Zone,’ ‘The Mask,’ ‘The Sadist,’ ‘Jason X,’ ‘Stung,’ ‘Harbinger Down’ and ‘Last Shift.’ Then we welcome very special guest writer, producer Sandy King Carpenter!

We delve into the comic book world with John & Sandy’s books ‘Asylum’ and ‘Tales For A Halloween Night.’ And then go back to Sandy’s earliest experiences in the business as a script supervisor for John Cassavetes, Michael Mann, Francis Ford Coppala, Jeff Lieberman, and of course John Carpenter. She also talks about John Hughes during the start of his career with ‘Sixteen Candles.’ It’s an extensive and enlightening chat with one of the sharpest woman in the movie business.

  • Shad Youngblood

    I really hope John Carpenter tours the US. It would be amazing to hear that live.

  • Dennis Atherton

    Superb guest. I have a total new appreciation for Script Supervisors, that’s a tough job and you gotta be totally on the ball, Sandy was really great, I particularly like the “Why Don’t you want to be my Friend?” Story,
    It does sound like JC might actually be playing in the states sometime, She did not deny it, there could be hope
    Nice to hear Jason X getting some love, I have a French Dvd from Alliance that has both versions on it,

    Im still waiting for one of you guys, and gals of course, to watch Turbo Kid, I really loved the Tone of the movie, I loved the over the top Gore and The Female lead “Apple” is my Favourite character from any film all year, Her performnce is Perfect, I think Rob will like this movie a lot
    Cheers Gang