Killer POV Ep. 126: Silent Night!

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This week on Killer POV, your hosts Rob Galluzzo (, Elric Kane (Inside Horror) and Rebekah McKendry (editor-in-chief at catch up on all the latest horrors! Rob talks about the sure to be holiday horror classic ‘Krampus,’ as well as ‘Vendetta,’ ‘Electric Boogaloo,’ ‘Women’s Prison Massacre’ & ‘Life After Beth.’ Elric is the latest to sign off on ‘Goodnight Mommy,’ and also talks about ‘Felt,’ ‘The Hallow,’ ‘Hellions,’ ‘Bone Tomahawk’ and ‘Jessica Jones.’ Bekah’s also been watching JJ & ‘Narcos’ on Netflix, as well as ‘Ghost Story’ & ‘Forbidden Zone.’ Then the gang welcome on very special guest director Steven C. Miller.

Miller has been pounding the pavement of the indie horror scene since his debut feature ‘Automaton Transfusion’ in 2006. We discuss in great detail how he’s moved from project to project, getting to direct ambitious thrillers like ‘The Aggression Scale’ and his latest ‘Submerged,’ a remake of ‘Silent Night’ and now his 2 latest back to back features ‘Extraction’ and ‘Marauders’ with Bruce Willis. It’s a great insight into the current world of independent directing! Tune in!

  • Shad Youngblood

    Elric, I would love to see a Midnight Sons Netflix series. Blade, Ghost Rider, Hellstorm and Morbius, it could be a great show.

    Always great to hear from Steven Miller. Submerged looks amazing!

  • Dennis Atherton

    Great fun, I think Steven deserves someone to give him longer to make movies, damn its tough out there, all my friends comment on how much I personally know about film and Horror and have joked I should come up with my own idea, but “No Way” will I ever even dream of trying to do it, its such a tough job for filmakers and people who love movies who dream of filmmaking, I really hope Mr Kane gets BLACK SUNRISE made and Steven gets more time
    You guys rock 😉