Killer POV Ep. 128: The Top 10 Horror Movies of 2015!

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This is it! We’re at the end of the year! Join your hosts Rob Galluzzo (, Elric Kane (Inside Horror) and Rebekah McKendry (editor in chief at as they welcome special guests Ryan Turek (The Bloodcast) and Brian Saur (Rupert Pupkin Speaks) to count down their top 10 horror movies of the year! But first, the latest horrors! Rob and Elric report back from the first 70mm LA screening of Quentin Tarantino’s ‘The Hateful Eight.’ Rob also caught up on ‘Knock, Knock,’ ‘The Hallow,’ ‘Pod’ and ‘Nightmares.’ Elric saw ‘Dark Was The Night,’ ‘The Duke Of Burgundy’ and ‘Silent Night Deadly Night 5.’ Bekah chimes in with her thoughts on the ‘Poltergeist’ remake, HBO’s ‘The Leftovers’ and ‘Executive Koala.’

Then the gang count down their top 10 of the year, while Brian offers his top 10 movie discoveries of the year! How’d the controversial ‘It Follows’ fare? Did horror comedies like ‘Deathgasm,’ ‘What We Do in The Shadows,’ ‘The Final Girls’ or ‘Cooties’ rank in? Or police station thrillers like ‘The Last Shift’ and ‘Let Us Prey?’ What about indie hits like ‘We Are Still Here’ and ‘Bone Tomahawk?’ Tune in for the final episode of Killer POV to find out!

  • Dennis Atherton

    Dammit ive got a weird 3 way Vision of Elric and Ryan in a Donkey punch senario together in my brain. It’s gonna be hard to shake! 😉

  • Brian

    HA! Thanks for the shout out guys! Even if it’s not your favorite film…you can never forget your Gwilliam.

  • John Q Thompson

    Did Becka sleep her way to get to where she is now? Her recommendations and criticism are horrid and I think it’s echoed by ever cringe and “eh” Ryan Turek makes after she speaks…

    • Congrats! You’re now banned from the site.

  • Jim Parsons

    Your lists for this year (which are great by the way) just go to show that we are in a really strong age of horror movies at the moment. Not, admittedly, in the mainstream and coming from the studios but in the independent sector there are so many strong titles. Then horror has always been not so much about mainstream but about hanging out at the sideline, in the shadows.

  • Dennis Atherton

    I need about three listens maybe four before I can comment properly, there is always so much to take in and thats why I love the show, Brian came up with some great random titles and I am now following him a Twitter and he really does dig up some unique stuff,
    Its always great to get Ryan on even though I am still mentally scarred by the 3 way Donkey punch thing with Ryan, Elric and Eli, 😉 I liked Ryan’s list and big respect for not choosing any BH titles

    Finally my little addition is I am going to shock you because none of you have seen or mentioned this film yet, but Turbo Kid is my number 1! there is no other film I have thought about all year, I have rewatched it more than any other movie, Apple the female actress is hands down my favourite character of the year, I think this film has more heart than anything else I have seen and that is why it is my number 1

    Merry Christmas Gang

  • Dennis Atherton

    I have still a few I need to see that would of made the list possibly but from what ive seen

    10 Tales of Halloween
    9 Krampus
    8 Last shift
    7 The Gift
    6 We are still Here
    5 It Follows
    4 What we do in the Shadows
    3 Mad Max
    2 Deathgasm
    1 Turbo Kid

    With honourables going to The Nightmare, The Visit, The Lady in the Car with the glasses and a gun, The final girls, Hellions and Knock knock