Killer POV Ep 130: Most Anticipated Horror Of 2016!

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This week, your hosts Rob Galluzzo (, Elric Kane (Inside Horror) and Rebekah McKendry (editor in chief at welcome special guest William Bibbiani ( to discuss our most anticipated horror movies for 2016. But first, the latest horrors! The gang pays tributes to Angus Scrimm, David Bowie and Lemmy Kilmister. Elric watched ‘Phantasm 2’ & ‘3,’ the latest ‘Paranormal Activity,’ ‘Miracle Mile,’ ‘Cat’s Eye’ & ‘The Church.’ Bekah talks about ‘Tales From The Hood,’ ‘Mute Witness’ and ‘American Horror Story: Hotel.’ Rob discusses William Friedkin’s ‘The Guardian,’ ‘Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer 2,’ ‘The X-Files’ and ‘The Boy!’ Then we’re joined by William Bibbiani, fresh off a plane from Sundance and he gives us the rundown on Rob Zombie’s latest ’31,’ as well as Kevin Smith’s ‘Yoga Hosers,’ ‘Christine,’ ‘Nina Forever’ and much, much more. There’s plenty to look forward to this year genre-wise!

  • Shad Youngblood

    Welcome back! I was very surprised at the end of “The Boy” I just did not see that coming.
    Best Wishes to Rebekah, I hope things go smoothly. Take your time and rest up as much as possible.

  • Donald S.

    Killer POV is my favorite podcast, I’ve been listening since day one and I’ve never missed an episode. This week was the first time I’ve ever almost stopped listening to an episode. William Bibbiani was just such an unpleasant guest. I’ve always enjoyed the fact that you guys aren’t too negative about films because at the end of the day it’s really hard to make a movie and it’s just uncool to hate on any filmmaker trying to make films in a genre we love. William was going out of his way crap on so many movies in a really mean spirited way (especially for a critic with questionable taste). On top of that he hogged the microphone which took away from what true fans of Killer POV love which is the dynamic between Rebekah, Rob and Elric. He was like an unpleasant mixture of Gene Shalit and Harry Knowles. I have a group of friends who listen to the podcast and we were all texting each other about how much we disliked listening to this blowhard. The worst part was the episode was supposed to be about what horror films we should look forward to in 2016 he and he only brought up like three films for all of next year and almost none were horror related. Anyways at the end of the podcast he said how he’d love to come back next week. I hope that doesn’t happen because I feel like a lot of people would stop listening. I hate even writing this because I’m sure deep down he’s a nice guy but he is podcast poison.

    • Alex D.

      Would have to agree. He brought way too much negativity. Killer POV’s above the hate. It’s one of the things that makes the podcast stand out and just be great in general.

  • Dennis Atherton

    Cheers gang.
    “Killer clowns and Running Man” I’m in too. That sounds like fun,
    I’m stoked you eventually got to see Turbo kid! I’m 2 for 2 now, Turbo kid and Xtro, I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the next podcast,
    William speaks his mind, which is really fun to hear, to me it shows how great you three are at reviewing films because its all about the love of film and even when you don’t like something it never comes off harshly, that’s not easy, I really want to see 31
    Best of luck Bekah for a safe and hopefully painless birth, Bite the Umbilical chord like in Xtro 🙂