Killer POV Ep. 131: French Extremism, Cracking Friday The 13th & Heading Southbound!

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Join your hosts Rob Galluzzo (, Elric Kane (Inside Horror) and Rebekah McKendry (editor in chief at as they discuss the latest horrors! Rob reports back on ‘Hellions,’ ‘The Veil,’ both ‘Hills Have Eyes’ movies and ‘Turbo Kid.’ Bekah talks about the latest ‘X-Files,’ ‘Goosebumps’ and ‘Visions.’ Elric’s latest movie discovery is the 1983 rarely seen cult flick ‘Sole Survivor.’ Then the gang welcome special guest David Bruckner to the show!

They delve into David’s segments of ‘Southbound’ and ‘V/H/S,’ as well as his debut feature ‘The Signal.’ We touch upon the proposed ‘Signal 2,’ what it was like to crack the ‘Friday The 13th’ reboot in the room for Platinum Dunes and jump right into this week’s topic “French Extremism.” We analyze what it is about the wave of films led my ‘Frontier(s),’ ‘High Tension,’ ‘Martyrs’ and ‘Inside’ that resonates so deeply with us. And we uncover other gems to revisit such as ‘Trouble Every Day,’ ‘In Her Skin’ and ‘Criminal Lovers.’ All this and more on the latest Killer POV!

  • Dennis Atherton

    Turbo kid
    “God Dammit! This is really great”
    Rob Galluzo.

    Put it on the poster, 🙂
    I understand being pushed too hard to see something can have a negative effect, we like gentle hints, when I saw this movie 3 months back with my hand on my heart I thought Rob and Elric will love this Movie, it had the biggest Heart, to finish off on the Turbo kid topic I have just one question
    If you guys saw it last year as i was pushing for would it of made your top tens?
    I think this is easilly top ten material, it was my number 1 film of last year, it gets even better after a few re-watches,

    You guys rock
    Best Dennis

    • RobertGalluzzo

      Yeah, it would’ve been high up there on my top 10. I just checked and technically it came out here in the States last year, even though I felt like it didn’t hit VOD until beginning of this year. Regardless, loved it. And will continue to recommend it!

      • Dennis Atherton

        Brilliant. We got it early in the UK on bluray in Oct ish last year and thats how I saw it,
        Next thing to get excited about is the new Pieces Bluray, I bought it from Diabolik on pre order and I got a email saying it is on its way now, I’m really intesrested in the Spanish uncut version on one of the discs. 3 mins longer,
        Cheers Rob,
        Best Dennis

  • Dennis Atherton

    David is a great guest, i love anthologys and there are never to many, can’t wait to see Southbound, just to add to comment on Extremism films, you mentioned all the ones on my list, one film I don’t think has ever been mentioned before on the podcast is Nick Palumboâ,s MURDER SET PIECES from 2004, this is a just watch it once and your done, this film is the most uncomfortable movie watching experience that affected me more than anything else I have seen, it fits right in with French extreme films, very tough viewing