Killer POV Ep. 137: The Drunken Debates Volume 2!

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Join your co-hosts Rob Galluzzo (, Elric Kane (Inside Horror) and Rebekah McKendry (editor-in-chief of along with very special guests Sam Zimmerman (Shudder), Paula Haifley (DC Super Hero Girls) and director Mike Mendez (Big Ass Spider, Tales Of Halloween) as they delve into the 2nd volume of the infamous “drunken debates!” First, the latest horrors! Rob caught two double bills at the New Beverly, ‘Grindhouse’ and ‘Alligator’ with ‘Dark Age.’ Bekah watched Scream Factory’s new release of ‘Sssssss.’ Elric revisited ‘Stoker’ and ‘The Sentinel,’ as well as ‘Cherry Falls,’ the much anticipated ‘Baskin’ and ‘Rover.’

Then we discuss horror classics that some of us find overrated, underrated and make recommendations of films that don’t getg enough praise. Who thinks ‘The Exorcist’ is overrated and can we convince them to give it another chance? Same for films like ‘Re-Animator’ and ‘Poltergeist!’ How do modern films like ‘It Follows’ stack up? What sequels do we think are overrated or underrated! Despite the influence of alcohol, prepare for one of the most civil, articulate and intelligently argued horror debates ever!

  • Dennis Atherton

    Very entertaining as always, not as drunk as last time but still epic stuff, I like the term “WHAT”. Spoken in a high voice. Somewhere in the UK over 2000 miles away I am going “What!” with you guys each time someone puts there self on the chopping block by coming clean with a revelation about any underated movie,
    It would be only fair to put myself under the bus too, I have never watched Eraserhead! “What…..”. I have tried twice and I find it head scratchingly unwatchable, I can’t get through it, I don’t get what the fuss is all about,
    The one that got me saying “What” the most was Paula about Reanimator, all the rest I can see both sides of the story,
    Cheers Guys, Great stuff,

    Ps Killer of Sheep is quite cheap on UK Ebay on Dvd, Elric got me wondering weather I should just blind buy this one,
    Last week I bought The Whip and the Body, Darin’s recommendation, it was really great for its time, I got it in bluray too which was nice, finally my HMAD book turned up today ;). Gotta show Brian some love