Killer POV Ep. 138: The Invitation with Karyn Kusama

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This week, join your hosts Rob Galluzzo (, Elric Kane (Inside Horror) and Rebekah McKendry (editor-in-chief at as they welcome very special guest Karyn Kusama to the show! But first, the latest horrors! Elric checked out the movie ‘They Look Like People,’ just started Season 2 of ‘Salem’ on Netflix Instant and both him & Rob discuss the controversial season finale of ‘The Walking Dead!’ Bekah reports back from the Day Of The Dead convention and also saw ‘Torso,’ ‘Edge Of Sanity,’ ‘Documentary Now’ and ‘Over Night.’ Rob talks about the recently released ‘Cherry Falls’ Blu-Ray, and caught double bills of ‘The Bubble’ and ‘Gog’ in 3D, along with ‘Jaws 2’ and ‘Damien: The Omen 2.’

Then the gang welcome on director Karyn Kusama to discuss her latest thriller ‘The Invitation,’ out now in limited theatrical and VOD from Drafthouse Films. We delve into her influences and inspirations for her latest, including her earliest recollection of seeing ‘Eraserhead’ at 9 years old! We also talk about the challenges of making independent films versus studio pictures, and her troubles on ‘Aeon Flux.’ We also talk about the ever growing cult following for her flick ‘Jennifer’s Body.’ Tune in!

  • Dennis Atherton

    We love Bekah! She has her organs removed then replaced and then sewed back together and still doing the podcast, and now cut open and also having an allergic reaction and still podcasting for the fans, #RedheadsRock
    The reaction on Facebook was amazing to last weeks podcast, I bought 4 new films from the list of recommendations including Timecop too from Paula
    I got my physical HMAD (Horror Movie A Day) delivered this week too, love it #CathysCurseForever. Big up to Brian Collins
    Loved this episode, Karyn is an intelligent articulate amazing and really interesting filmmaker. I also love Jennifer’s Body, Literally, ” Moaw Boebs”. I am going to VOD The Invitation this weekend, I’m excited to see it
    Cheers guys

  • Dennis Atherton

    Just for fun. This was my bad Monday using only film titles from a fun Blumhouse column, it made me laugh

    It felt like a “Black Sunrise”, A “Night of the Demons”, I went totally “Psycho” at the “Edge of Sanity” in “February” and got “Frozen” because since “Burying the Ex” at “Ten to Midnight” while “The Evil Dead” was “Sinister” and “Insidious” I have become “Scared to Death” of “The Return of the Living dead” coming and then” Knock Knock” “The Thing” was at my door, the “Last house on the Left”, I was having an “Identity” crisis, it was such a “Shocker”! It was in “Bad Taste”, And “Now the Screaming Starts” there saying “You’re Next” who were these “Killers”, there giving me the “Shivers”, they were all “Rabid”, I wanted to put all “Three on a Meathook”. I could not see” Behind the Mask”, they were playing “Funny Games” and definitely “Taking lives” they wanted “Cheap Thrills” and “Very bad things” were coming, I was becoming “Un-Hinged”, and then came the “Dead Silence”, I was “Trapped” in a “Scary Movie”, I started to grind my “Teeth” this sensation weirdly gave me the “Munchies”, but they wanted to chop me into “Pieces”, this “Nightmare on Elm Street” had to stop, I ran through the “House” and ran through “The Gate” into “The Fog”, and then out of “The Mist” into “The Dead Zone” came “Cujo!” “It” thought I was an “Intruder” and it wanted its “Naked Lunch”. it bit me in the “Ghoulies” and I started to “Scream”, I was going to be “Eaten Alive”, but the “Demon” was distracted by a “Cat’s eye” in “The Dark” I ran from this “Final Terror” thinking why on “Friday the 13th” my “Bloody Birthday” did all this stuff start “Happening” I ran away from “The Curse” and into “The Mouth of Madness”

    By Sutter (Elric) Kane