Killer POV: Ep. 15: Third Time’s A Charm!

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In this edition of Killer POV, Rebekah McKendry (Fangoria) checked out Baby Blood, Elric Kane (Inside Horror) talks about the John Carpenter screening at the Jumpcut Cafe which included the short film Captain Voyeur, and Rob Galluzzo (FEARnet) discovers he’s owned Vamp and Hell Night for years and finally checked out those campy classics! Then the gang welcomes special guest BJ McDonnell, the director of Hatchet III, to talk about all of our favorite Horror Part 3’s. A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, The Exorcist 3: Legion, & Halloween 3: Season Of The Witch are all discussed, but there are plenty of other surprising recommendations to be discovered as well. BJ also tells us all about the making of the highly anticipated sequel Hatchet III and talks about the challenges of tackling the third chapter of the popular franchise.

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  • Dennis Atherton

    The Seven lives of Elric Kane

    Close call Elric, 2 down 7 to go, ps Best ever Werner herzog impression. Fantastic

    I’ve gotta jump in with a nice deep cut for you guys, the best worst 3 ever, Halloween 3 of course wins but what loses?

    DEMON’S 3 The Ogre

    Its got no Dario on board, its Directed by Lamberto and has absolutely unequivocally nothing at all to do with the series in any way shape or form whatsoever, its it literally just using the IP as a name and nothing else, its gotta be the most stand out number 3

    • Dennis Atherton

      And Bj has done some great work. I love the Hatchet movies and his work with the Rob zombies movies and Jack reacher and Star trek. He’s the real deal, he has also worked on Age of Ultron and Antman more recently, what a CV that is

      • Bj is definitely the real deal… He has a big career ahead of him, if not already.

    • Haha, YES Demon’s 3… You nailed it with that one!

  • Sledge Hammer

    killer pov streaming is gone now?