Killer POV: Ep. 28: Going Behind the Mask: Favorite Genre Villains

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Continued from episode 23’s topic of “Favorite Genre Performances,” Killer POV hosts Rob Galluzzo (FEARnet, Icons Of Fright), Rebekah McKendry (Fangoria) and Elric Kane (Inside Horror) welcome back AJ Bowen (The Signal, House Of The Devil, You’re Next) along with very special guest actor Nathan Baesel – Leslie Vernon himself from Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon. The gang touches upon the history of Behind The Mask, what it’s like for actors like AJ and Nathan to tackle what can be considered “villain” roles and then we expand upon the topic of genre performances by focusing on some of our favorite villains! Also, Elric has seen Rob Zombie’s latest The Lords Of Salem and he liked it! Rob is all caught up on “The Walking Dead” and revisited Monster Man. while Rebekah saw Jugface and the documentary The American Scream. AJ tells us about the indie flick Resolution. All this and more on the latest Killer POV!

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  • Dennis Atherton

    Great to hear Nathan speak, I loved Leslie vernon, and also great to hear Monsterman getting some love from Rob, another film I really liked, the chemistry between the two main characters is perfect,

    I won’t mention AJs lack of beard 😉