Killer POV: Ep. 45: Full Moon, Full Circle with Charles Band

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Killer POV hosts Rob Galluzzo (FEARNET, Icons Of Fright), Elric Kane (Inside Horror) and Rebekah McKendry (Fangoria) waste no time diving right into a full-on interview with this week’s guest. It’s none other than producer/director & Full Moon head honcho Charles Band! We delve into his humble beginnings in Italy, following in his father Albert Band’s footsteps and everything from the Empire days to Stuart Gordon to ‘Ghoulies’ to ‘Subspecies’ to ‘Puppetmaster’ and more. As someone that was there from the very early days of the video industry, Charles gives us tremendous insight into how the video market soared and eventually crumbled. And he gives us the word on the Wizard brand revival, as well as Full Moon Streaming. It’s all here! Plus at the end of the show we discuss why none of us saw ‘Devil’s Due’ and we talk about our latest viewed movies, including ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ & ‘Ebola Syndrome.’

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  • susang

    You forgot to ask Mr. Band why he was selling fake “original stunt puppets” to his teenage fans who spent their hard earned money a few years ago at his Roadshow’s and on his ebay account. You’re “reporting” is sloppy and non existent.

    • Nick

      It is extremely difficult to interview someone and bring up sensitive things like that. Their soul purpose was to interview, not confront him about anything. Once you have experience “reporting”, then you can critisize them for not blowing their interview.

  • Dennis Atherton

    Great fun. Charles has got to be one of the most knowledgeable guests on the show, The podcast was only 2 hrs 23 mins 😉 but I felt like it could of gone on double that time and you would of not run out of things to say, not only has he done so much but he can remember it all, I still would rather have my Vhs in Big boxes now than small, I like Pupper master, Castle freak and Subspecies 2 Bloodstone best,