Killer POV: Ep. 48: Our Bloody Valentine…in 3D!

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Join Rebekah McKendry (Fangoria), Elric Kane (Inside Horror) and Rob Galluzzo (FEARNET) for a special Valentine’s Day edition of Killer POV! The gang hosted a special secret screening of ‘The Blood On Satan’s Claw’ and analyze why some of us liked it while one of us didn’t! Bekah also watched ‘Burnt Offerings,’ Elric saw ‘Basket Case 2,’ and Rob G followed up on the “debates” episode film picks ‘Phantoms’ and ‘Blair Witch 2.’ In honor of the holiday, the group also discuss their favorite horror couples; everyone from Seth Brundle & Veronica from ‘The Fly’ to Norman Bates & Maureen in ‘Psycho III’ and many, many more. Then they welcome special guest screenwriter Todd Farmer (‘My Bloody Valentine 3D,’ ‘Drive Angry,’ ‘Jason X’) where they open the topic to 3D horror! Farmer opens up about the unmade ‘Hellraiser 3D’ and ‘Halloween 3D’ projects. Horror fans, you’ll want to give this episode a listen!

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  • Everett C Milligan

    Cool site. I feel like I’m ordering movies on Netflix.

  • Dennis Atherton

    Haha. The Morgan peter brown joke he laughed at mentioned here that Elric forgot about was about bad dialog in movies with children, and Elric asking if the writer of the movie had kids? And don’t they talk? Cause real kids don’t talk like that….

  • Dennis Atherton

    Damn you Guys get the best guests, I am gonna copy Elric here and speak only in superlatives, “Todd farmer’s My Bloody Valentine has the best female running around naked extended scene ever in all of cinema” she seems to be naked for longer than Mathilda May in Lifeforce, its awsome 🙂
    Speaking of favourite horror couples its hard to come up with new ones as you guys are on the ball but im gonna go with Micky and Mallory from Natural born killers, it might not be full horror but its pretty close,
    And Blair witch 2 keeps popping up again. Im tempted to give it a second try myself
    Cheers gang